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Far Bletchley, Milton Keynes-Beginning of August 2010

Location of Sighting: far bletchley, milton keynes
Date of Sighting: beginning of august 2010
Time: 11pm onwards
Witness Name: nikki

Witness Statement: I noticed one night that there was a white bright light which was alot shiny than a normal star so i just stared at it, it was moving very slowly and ending up getting further and further away until you couldn’t see it any longer, i kept on seeing this same light every other day at night time but still managed to not worry as much about it being a ufo and being abled to go to sleep, until the other day. The light was in it’s normal place as usual but now it’s starting to dim it white light and then go into full brightness and then repeats itself over and over again until i go to sleep. todays date is 19th august 2010 i showed my boyfriend the light as he is normally asleep when i see it and he is wondering why no one has mentioned this on here yet, when i was standing outside with a cig, i stared up at it again but it felt like it was coming towards me, so i went inside, it has been doing the normal dim and brightness thing but when it starts to go far away into the sky it desides to come back again. Also the other day i had the bedroom window open and could hear a plane going over the house but instead the noise of the plane didn’t pass by, it was around for ages but no light to be seen around where i was looking.


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Updated: August 19, 2010 — 8:28 pm


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  1. hi nikki
    there is a discussion on the forum called sightings in the early hours its on page two of discussion subjects,some people have heard the same sounds as you with no planes to be seen.there are also a couple of threads about strange stars/lights people are seeing.

  2. I have been seeing these lights passing over my house since the end of 2009 after a contact experience.
    They tend to travel in a Easterly direction at cloud hight.If you get to see one again look above it you will notice a tiny white dot possibley at orbit level it looks like a satalite but travels above the white plasma ball.
    I have several of these sightings on video. As well as orange orbs.

  3. Sorry for posting again but I thought i would just add that I also live in far Bletchley.
    And appologise for the type error I have been seeing these since the beginning of 2009 not the end.
    I’m Glad to see other locals are seeing these lghts, I have so much to add to this but it sounds so stupid I wont bother!

    Keep looking up!!!

  4. Hi, I lived on slad farm back in 2010 with my family, where whimy have built new houses, I think it’s called Newton keys now, in September one night at. 1.30am I was looking out of the top back windows when I saw a very low bright orb type thing about a mile away, I then noticed it was moving towards me real slow, getting closer and closer, bigger and bigger, it light up the whole field, no sound, it was like looking into a mini sun, really strange, it just kept coming, it flew into my garden and I freaked, I closed the blind and hide.. still have no idear what it was, I also report it to mufon

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