Fareham, Hampshire-7th or 8th April 2010

Location of Sighting: Fareham, Hampshire
Date of Sighting: 7th or 8th April 2010
Time: Unknown – late night/early morning
Witness Name: N. Hunter

Witness Statement: In the middle of the night (not sure what time, could have been anywhere between 11:30pm and 3am-ish) I was disturbed by this unusual droning sound outside, apparently moving from the general direction of Fareham town centre, towards the motorway/Portsdown Hill. I listened as this sound passed overhead from one side of our house to the other, and I thought I saw an orange glow through our bathroom skylight on my right (towards the back of our house where there aren?t any street lights) which faded out as the sound became more distant.
I only say I -thought- I saw this as I was laying in bed and could have imagined it, still being sleepy. But as I recall the orange glow was similar to how it might look if an amber street lamp had been moving overhead, albeit with a more diffusely spread and less yellowy light, more of a red-orange. The light did not flicker or flash (I know what Chinese lanterns look like) and I only saw this glow for a short time – perhaps 5-10 seconds before it faded away. I heard the droning sound in the distance for a while after that though.

Having lived near naval and/or military installations most of my life I am very used to the sounds of various aircraft but this droning sound was not like that of any plane or helicopter I know of. It?s hard to describe from memory but it was just a constant hum of a non-varying pitch/frequency that was loud enough to disturb me from my sleep. It was not unlike the sound of a large road vehicle travelling at a constant speed down the motorway (we are in earshot of the M27 here), but due to the direction the sound was coming from and the way it passed over I knew this was not logistically possible. The sound was definitely coming from overhead and there are no long straight roads in the direction that it took. Also, there were none of the distinctive sound properties that one might associate with wheels on a road or something travelling on land.

After this occurrence took place I just went back to sleep and didn?t think a great deal of it, other than perhaps to check later to see if anyone else had noticed it apart from me. When I told my husband about it the next day he had no recollection of such a thing and had presumably slept through it.
I thought to mention the incident in a Facebook update though and strangely enough a friend living in Waterlooville said that he and his wife heard the sound as well! He said:
?We heard the same thing over our house too! Never got to see what it was though. Made, like you say, a weird droning sound that definately wasn’t a plane… I would say it was around midnight sort of time as that’s the time I usually go to sleep. It was a strange sound, a low humming sound. I wish I’d looked out of the window to see what it was. It definitely wasn’t a plane as I’ve hear planes going over all the time. And it definitely wasn’t a car, I can’t describe it, but it sounded unlike anything I’d heard before, it gave me the heebie geebies!”

Now I’m noticing there seems to have been a reasonable amount of strange airborne activity in the area lately so I thought I’d submit my report here (my first time doing so). I’d be fascinated to know if anyone else saw or heard anything like I did around 7th/8th April, it would be great to get to the bottom of this as I really can’t explain it. I’m inclined to think it could be something to do with the military, with bases nearby and the fact it did sound like some kind of powered craft. But just nothing I’m familiar with!

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. your description is nearly exact to the audio ufo I heard a few months ago.I was smoking outside on the carport and heard this sound like an old radial engine but extremely clear and strong.I was looking around but saw nothingthe strange thing was it took a good 7 to 10 minutes to travel5 miles and I did’nt get a ‘doppler ‘ effect from the noise.It’s pitch and to a lesser extent it’s volume did’nt change and my ears told me it had travelled overhead.The nearest thing I could relate it too was the sound of a 80 year old 4 engine bomber,but,there was no doppler pitch variation.After nearly ten minutes the thing had obviously travelled over the nearby hill but I could still hear it as a low frequency humm.I expected to see an old radial engine plane ,but saw nothing.The noise appeared to be mostly omnidirectional.

  2. Thanks for responding, Phil… that’s really fascinating to know! I kind of know what you mean about likening it to a WW2 bomber or something, it had a similarly deep timbre and yet it was also so different to the sound of any known aircraft that I could describe. I suppose another way of thinking of it could be to imagine what a large submarine might sound like if it were travelling through the air?!

  3. can you email me please as tonight we have seen exactly what you have described above! We live in eastleigh, we also noticed something else strange happen after they disappeared.

  4. When I lived in wymerging on the slopes of portsdown hill, it would of been late 78 or early 79 one night, early hours I heard a very strange noise, I could hear a droning pinging type noise in the distance the noise was getting louder as the object which was flying went over my building, I was too terrified to look out it just sounded so weird.
    Also heard it again a few years later in a house about half a mile away but this time it was in the distance, most freaky noise you will hear.

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