Fartown, Pudsey-1st August 2009

Location of Sighting: Fartown Pudsey
Date of Sighting: 1/8/09
Time: 10.30
Witness Name: Lesley Steadman

Witness Statement: A big orange colour ball at roof top level so bright no noise what so ever no lights like a plane as i see these regularly on the flight path to leeds/bradford airport this was silent i called to my friend to come out and see then it went off todays the east of leeds at great speed then just disappeared… nothing like i have ever seen before almost like the sun in the night sky too low for aircraft

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. saw a black triangle shape twice hovering below the clouds in south London about 3.00pm, before flying upwards into the clouds out of view. The craft had the centre missing, ie it looked triangular donut shaped.

  2. I saw a bright orange ball shaped object over bristol, near the airport on the 1st august 2009. it was totally silent, and as a real plane came in to land i compared the two. it was defo not a plane, no flashing lights, didnt move like a plane, then i noticed that there were 2 other orange balls, tho they were quite faint as they were further away, i watched them with my brother for about 15 mins till they moved away. this was about 10.25- 10.35 pm at night.

  3. my neibours caled me out about 9.45pm saying they coud see something orange in sky it had no noise i watched in amazment it drifted off and disserperd before our eyes

  4. i saw exactly the same thing in leeds tonight at 11pm. A burning ball of fire which flew across the sky near leeds bradford airport. Theres a helicopter circling the spot now.

  5. my daughter and lots of her friends saw an orange ball in the sky towards the west late last night around midnight, they were all talking on msn and told each other, we live in wigan. one of her friends filmed it..

  6. i saw the orange ball travelling at a low level,it slowley faded away,this was outside the showcase cinema at 11.05pm

  7. me and my children saw a orange ball in the sky at 9.40pm last night which seemed to just vanish after about 5 min very strange this was over osmondthorpe area of leeds 9

  8. i was saying good bye to visitors on 13th aug 2009 around 11:30pm tonight when one of the children said theres a fire in the sky omg it was amazing it flew very fast right over our heads travelld across the sky then disintegrated we were all stunned it was a large orange burning ball not a plane as no noise at all i came across this site whilst trying to find out what we had seen i live in warrington cheshire uk!!!

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