Fast Moving Black Object-Attenborough, Nottingham, UK-September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Attenborough, Nottingham, UK
Date Of Sighting :
Sept 2019
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was standing out in my back garden smoking a cigarette when something caught my eye in the very clear sky. It was extremely fast and very black and certainly didn’t move like an animal. It was far too fast to be a bird and looked like a solid object. It was travelling west to east at very high speed. It wasn’t a civilian aircraft as there were no lights at all.

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  1. I reported the same thing to MUFON over Nottingham while I was driving on 5th October 2019 thankfully I had my 9yrs old son and mother in the car (very slow moving traffic) who also saw it so it was not my imagination (MUFON did call me for a follow up) only saw it for about 1 min as there were very large buildings so went out of view. It would be worth reporting this on MUFON Site if you have not done so already

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