Fast Moving Cream Coloured Light- Latitude 50.9393 Longitude -1.0176 Clanfield, Hampshire-25th June 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Latitude 50.9393 Longitude -1.0176 Clanfield, Hampshire
Date Of Sighting :
25th June 2020
Witness Name:
Leigh R
Witness Statement
One single round light heading West seemingly looking like it was following the circumference of the earths atmosphere and moving at a speed which indicated it was no aircraft. I thought it was something falling to earth. But when I thought I was going to loose it behind a hill, it instead was actually heading in front of the hill allowing me to observe it longer. Then it changed direction and gained altitude which from my perspective showed it following the tree line, at which point it then started to gain more altitude where I lost it behind a house roof.
All this happened in the space of approx 30 seconds. The light was constant and of a cream coloured appearance. I really need to find CCTV of the area to prove what I saw; to put a human response to what I witnessed: It freaked me out and I am amazed it actually navigated in front of the hill which is approx 3 quarters of a mile in front of me.
Updated: June 26, 2020 — 4:05 pm

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  1. I saw something similar 27/06/2020. From Hedge End I stood and watched a cream? yellow circle of light heading north/north east from where I was observing. Time? can’t remember, around 22:00hrs.
    I only came on here to see if anyone else had witnessed the same, but one states the day before me?

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