Fast moving object – Crewe Cheshire – 21st February 2017

Location of Sighting: Crewe Cheshire
Date of Sighting: 21/02/2017
Time: 20:45 approx
Witness Name: Austin Swain
Witness Statement: I saw what I thought was a meteor flying across the dark sky so I stopped to watch. it was heading West to East as as I looked Southwards, but then instead of burning out like a meteor would it changed shape and slowed down slightly, it was self illuminated and took a 2 tenticle like shape, then it changed back to a ball and changed direction at right angles without slowing down. I estimate the speed to be at least 1000 mph


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Updated: March 1, 2017 — 9:13 pm


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  1. I have photos taken of EXACTLY what you describe taken recently put on quite a spectacle over the open ocean away from.civillian flight paths I have aviation and military charts and it’s empty airspace .
    Commercial traffic is very rare this wasn’t commercial only we had more lights and after going left right and back again it took the usual v shape and went straight up to an estimated altitude of I’d have said from flight level 30 to 130 in under 10 seconds.
    I’m interested to know what kind of aircraft is capable of these manoeuvres without killing the pilots.
    Such acceleration as we have both witnessed approx 150 miles n a few weeks apart suggest either we are being hidden from exotic technologies or something else is happening.
    Given the increase from a certain stat cluster of non celestial or non natural occurring FRB hurts which have increased . This could be some kind of ‘craft approaching the planet. Your description and again this evening seeing a flashing WHITE orb I got on film was flashing in a sequence .
    Something odd is going on. I wouldn’t normally comment but this should be shared.
    Especially if we are about to get a visit.
    Feel free to email your photos I’m mail mine back .

  2. Yes very odd! Where are the photos please? Fight level 30 – 130 how do you gauge this? Stat clusters – what are they? Which Ocean are you talking about?

  3. “Fight level 30 – 130 how do you gauge this?”

    I’m a bit confused by this, too. As far as I’m aware, and Nemo please correct me if I’m wrong, but Flight Level (FL) is not the same as altitude, and is influenced also by air pressure also? Now, reading some tables, I take FL30 to be around 3000ft – am right so far? That;s a sort of average pressure, for sake of discussion. The tables I’ve looked at – using the same pressure range – don’t list FL130, but given that FL180 is 18000, and FL60 is 6000, I’m using rough maths to arrive at FL130 being 13000ft. Does that figure? OK, so we have an aircraft – it is one, as it’s in the air, and flying, climbing from 3000ft to 13000ft in ‘under 10seconds’ -estimated, we should add, by the viewer (who I’m not doubting, by the way, I’m interested to seek out the facts). So, that’s 10000ft, in 10seconds. The Eurofighter Typhoon has a climb rate of round 62,000 per minute, so why would it kill its pilot to do 10000 in 10 seconds, which is about it’s capability? There are other planes with faster rates, I might add.

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