Fishguard, Pembrokeshire-21st October 2012

Location of Sighting: Fishguard, Pembrokeshire
Date of Sighting: 21st October 2012
Time: 19.15 hours
Witness Name: M J Ouseley and C Ouseley

Witness Statement: At 7.15 pm last evening I was walking up my garden towards my house and saw what at first I thought was a plane in flames. I rushed to the front door and called my wife and we both watched the object for I would suggest for approximately 40-50 seconds. It was travelling from east to west. It got to approximately 30 degrees beyond vertically above us and dissapeared instantly. It was orange in colour. As a keen amatuer astronomer I am used to seeing meteors and confirm that it was not a meteor. However it was traversing the sky faster than the visual speed of the high altitude aircraft which I am also used to seeing. The sky was clear apart from some patchy high altitude very thin hase. There was no wind.


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Updated: October 23, 2012 — 8:58 pm


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  1. Hi there,i have noticed that there are more and more reports of orange type objects in the skies,i am also an amature astronomer and have never seen any orange flying objects,i think it interesting that there are so many,thanks for this report.

  2. I live in Fishguard and in 2003/2004 summer time, I saw what looked to be like a ball of fire over Fishguard high school. It was there for about 30 seconds and was just hovering around in mid air. I was mesmerised watching it and it just disappeared in a flash. I told my partner who did not believe me and thought I was seeing things.

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