Flashing Tumbling Object -Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15-23rd September 2018

Location Of Sighting :Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE15
Date Of Sighting :23/9/18
Witness Name:Phill
Witness Statement: I was walking along Rye Lane in SE London Northerly towards the rail station and I noticed a red object in the sky ahead of me.
It looked odd and I thought maybe a plane or balloon and then it flashed white and again I wondered if this was reflected sun and then it became red again. As I focused hard on the object I realised I was seeing bright lights coming from an object that was rotating or tumbling.

It appeared to be several hundred feet up, but of course impossible to say, it was way below the cumulus clouds that were set against a blue sky. I also had the impression it was moving above a location about a mile or so away. Again – a guess. It was moving quite slowly and I was able to view it for about 30 seconds before I lost it below the roof line. It was heading from North to East.

At one point I was able to discern three lights on what appeared to be a solid craft. I cannot say for sure what the shape was because the view of it was dominated by the very bright lights. It may have been spherical but this is guessing after the event.

It was very odd because of the intensity of the lights, as if it was rotating and scanning. I watch the sky a lot and observe aircraft, drones, and night sky objects so I feel qualified to insist it was not one of the normal objects like planes, helicopters or, these days, drones.

Updated: October 9, 2018 — 7:43 pm

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