Flintham, Nottinghamshire-approx 1991

Location of Sighting: Flintham, Nottinghamshire
Date of Sighting: approx 1991
Time: 9pm ish
Witness Name: Paul

Witness Statement: I was out at a village called Flintham in Nottinghamshire around 1991 i cant remember the exact date , i was helping a friend repair a car. At around 9pm i was working under the bonnet of the when i heard a constant droning noise so i turned around and looked up to see three white lights in an elongated triangle shape travelling at a very low speed..the distance between the lights was massive i estimated at the time about the size of 3 football pitches …i called my friend to come and look and we both stood looking at the object not talking to each other for a good 20 minutes until it dissapeared into the distance .. I know it was a Sunday night we saw the object because on the Monday there where sightings reported and it made the front page of the Nottinghamshire Evening Post with people saying they saw 2 triangle shape craft together …one person described the size of the object as the size of 3 football pitches the same as myself ……where i live in Newark on Trent we used to have alot of military aircraft fly over most days uk planes and american planes so i know what they sounded like and the drone from the object was one i never heard before …to this day my friend will not talk to anyone about what we saw as he does not want to be labelled as being mad …..the one thing i cant get my head around is how an object that size could fly so slow ..if anyone else can remember this sighting which was well documented in the local evening paper please get in touch…thanks for reading PAUL…

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. thanks stephen the link made very interesting reading this is the same sighting i saw for definite and at least this has confirmed the date and time for me …the witness accounts also mention about the drononing noise it made …the only thing different is i saw one craft and it was heading in a northerly direction …what i didnt mention in the sighting above was that a few days later i awoke about 3am and heard the same droning outside but i was still freaked about the first sighting that i wouldnt look out the bedroom curtains to see if it was there again…i will tell you one thing in the last 20 years my mind has been totally open to other life being present in our universe and beyond…all the best Stepen many thanks PAUL..

  2. Hi Paul & Stephen

    I saw this object with a friend and it was us mentioned in the Nottingham Evening Post John Bloomfield & Shane Barret. Loads of people saw this I would love to find out more. Many years on I still think about that day. I have submittedmy report.



  3. Could your sighting be the same thing i saw in sheffield but i am a bit vague with the date.

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