Flint,North Wales-12th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Flint, North Wales
Date of Sighting: 12/12/09
Time: 23:15
Witness Name: John

Witness Statement: Clear sky very still and quiet.Bright orange light approaching from roughly SE direction (on usual flightpath for flights heading to Liverpool over the Dee estuary) No sound as it got closer there appeared to be three orange ligts in a one up two down formation – appeared to be on one single object.No beam from the lights like there would be on an airoplane landing light. As it got over the edge of town it slowly turned towards the SW before dimming and going out completely.This was very eerie and this is not a bloody hoax! This was really weird I have seen countless aircraft at night in the area and this was nothing like I have seen befor appart from a similar single light dssapearing over the estuary about two weeks ago again completely silent.I dont know who else to report this to and do not want to contact the police as they will not believe me and I feel stupid enough reporting it to you.

Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. saw about a dozen orange lights flying over reading looked like they came from towards london going west. they seemed to be going to fast to be aeroplanes and were too low there was also no sound from the “lights”. weirdest shit i have ever seen got video of it to but was on my mobile so not very clear!

  2. We saw the exact same thing at 2230 on the night in question on the Northants/Leicestershire border, which is SE from you. Myself and my girlfriend saw a triangular formation one up two down of very bright orange lights in a perfect formation with around 7 other identical lights following it all in a perfect height formation but these lights were singular

  3. Excuse the ramblings of someone who thinks he is going nuts..
    I reported the same type of thing a while back..and now I have just seen another, same trajectory but in reverse so traveling South instead of North.
    The reason i think I might be going nuts is that I knew I was going to see it again last night, and it seemed to form out of thin air.
    Once again the big puzzle is why these are not being mentioned anywhere in the press even as a tongue in cheek story.

  4. Was watching for the meteor shower 12th Dec looking SE @ approx 21:45 in west London when this stream of 11 silent lights in single sucession 5 then 6 passed Wembley to Heathrow below cloud base but in a closed flight zone / route. No noise at all whereas normal takeoffs from Heathrow made a noise either side of this, did Heathrow delay takeoffs as there was a gap. Lights were visible from all angles and were not related to exhaust. #5 was catching up quickly with #4.

  5. i saw a wierd, Red/blue/white light coming from the top of the mountains near the radio Mast near Flint, there were two light moving around, then they faded, then after a few minuted came back for a while and did the same thing!
    me and my friend saw all this from colwyn Heights above colwyn Bay very clearly

  6. Hi,
    I believe that I saw these 3 lights in Bognor Regis at 21:41. They flew from north to south, possibly from Reading area. Very, very strange experience…… I’d love to know what they were!!

  7. Saw EXACTLY the same thing coming from Buckley direction:

    Me and my girlfriend were going to the Spar in Mynydd Isa and I clocked the first (one up) light, and Sam clocked the two down:

    The two down lights weren’t in a straight line so the lights weren’t a triangle though, it was more of a disfigured triangle.

    All seemed to be moving as one object – i.e. exactly the same speed and flight path, no flashing lights so definately not planes.

    They seemed to disappear over Mynydd Isa, and this was all happening at exactly 22:22

    Great to hear me and the missus aren’t going mad 😀

    Look for me on facebook if you want more info, search for ‘Daniel Pealing’ and add the optional message as ‘UFO’


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