Fordingbridge, Hampshire-November 2010

Location of Sighting: Hampshire/ Fordingbridge
Date of Sighting: November 2010
Time: 24.30
Witness Name: Anthony

Witness Statement: i went to the backdoor to have a smoke before going to bed when i noticed the sky was lit up off to my left. i looked around the wall to see what was happening and saw a bright white tulip shaped object hanging in the sky. there was a flashing light on the front which was causing the sky to light up. after around 30 seconds or so it was joined by another object which shot through the sky at great speed like a rocket(firework) then seemed to explode in a ball of white light which then formed into a white disc with a black then sort of folded over (in half) and the only way i can describe this is that it looked as if it was flexing its muscles as you would after getting out of bed in the morning (stretching). the second object just seemed to float around aimlessly from side to side. after around 5 mins or so the first object joined the second and they moved in tandem very slowly until out of sight. the objects were very low and i could see lots of detail on the first one while it was shaped like a tulip. as it moved away it took on a disc shape like the second object. as they got further away they turned red and looked like 2 red lights in the sky.


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  1. Around 10pm on the 30th April 2019 I was sitting on the balcony of my holiday lodge in Godshill Hants with my partner. We were looking east towards Fordingbridge and had just sat down when I noticed an odd looking light sitting unmoving in the sky. It was low on the horizon and difficult to gauge height. It’s was triangular ( maybe) and orange….at first I thought it was a lighted beacon or fire of some kind on some raised land but it was too high for that. I said to my partner ” look at that odd light” . She replied
    with sarcasm ” must be a ufo” ( she is a huge sceptic whereas I have a more open mind). As she said those words it disappeared. About 30 seconds later is reappeared. It did it a couple of times. As we watched I could see two red flashing lights approaching the area of light from the north. I recognised the sound of helicopters. Then a chopper flew right above my head coming from the East and again heading for the area of the light.I
    Ran indoors to get my binoculars but when I returned the light was gone and I never saw it again. The choppers however criss crossed the sky above the area for at least 30 mins. Well one left after about 15 mins and the other two stayed for a further 15mins. I could not determine the type of chopper ( domestic or military).
    The other half went inside to do the washing up satisfied it was nothing. I’m not quite so sure and was quite perplexed.

  2. I saw a very similar light midsummer of 2019 at my apartments in aurora, CO. Driving towards my apartment going home that night at around 9:30pm, I saw on at the top of my apartment building, 200 hundred yards away, a flame. My first thought was the building was on fire, my second thought was it’s coming form a chimney. None of that made sense. My third thought was it’s a streetlight across the neighborhood, but that didn’t make sense. It would have to be a super tall street light to be seen over my building, and put up in one day. I stopped in the long driveway for over a minute and watched this dark orange-like flame hover. I then accelerated and drove around the back of my building and it was still there. I stopped and video it for a minute and it slowly disappeared backwards into the sky. It never moved left or right, never had flashing lights like an airplane, was in the sky for a total of several minutes at least. Still don’t know what it was.

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