Formation Of Bright Lights – Liverpool – 28th September 2018

Location Of Sighting :Liverpool
Date Of Sighting :28/09/2018
Time: 23:01
Witness Name:Chris
Witness Statement : I went out in the garden to call the cat in, it was 23:01 when I went back in to check the clock so it must have been around 23:00 when I saw them. I was gazing up at the stars whilst calling the cat and I saw something odd, I’m not very technical but I believe the direction would have been WNW (closer to W than N if that makes sense)anyway I could see a few stars and out of nowhere a formation of objects appeared, moved towards WNW then disappeared again, they were in a sort of triangle formation one in the front two in the next row and only two in the back row, the back right object wasn’t there. I have seen the ISS a few times and this formation appeared to be lit in a similar way only not as bright and they appeared just like the ISS appears and then disappeared in the same way, I have no idea what they were, just wondered did anyone else see them.

Updated: October 9, 2018 — 7:49 pm

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  1. I went out on Saturday night 6th Oct. 8pm. To watch iss go over. I saw very simalar sight. Very high up. Looked like stars shape. 12 lights,in two’s each side. Thought it was a formation but looked through my binoculars & realised it was a solid object as it blocked stars out while traveling. It went from diection of jhon Lennon airport over to North Wales. Llandudono area. For 30mins after, low flying,very fast white lights flew over too. All very odd.

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