Forum Update

Following the sad departure of JJ as moderator the forum is currently being restructured.

Over the coming days the forum will be structured initially to  focus on 5 x main areas:

  1. Specific sighting reports from the main sites  selected for more detailed interaction/discussions.
  2. Sightings from around the world not covered on the main site.
  3. General UFO discussion topics
  4. UFO Watch Groups-list of local groups and requests.
  5. UFO Events Diary
  6. Community- For example Buy/Swap your UFO stuff.

Initially the forum will be not be formally moderated since I’m hoping it will be self policing and common sense will prevail.

In addition the Forum rules have been simplified. Previous IP restrictons have also  been lifted. Therefore if your previous  application was rejected then please feel free to reapply. Also if you have been banned previously and would like to be reinstated then just drop me an email and I’ll  review your membership. 

For those who don’t  know the link to the forum is towards the top right of the page.

Look forward to seeing there.

Best Wishes
Andy Mannion

Updated: November 27, 2010 — 5:14 pm


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  1. I have tried to register on the forum several times and sent a message before to say I am visually impaired and cannot deal with the code, but had no reply. Please can you help?

  2. I tried to register a month ago, but never got the conformation/activation email.

    My username and email are now ‘in use’, ie unusable.

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