Frensham Pond, Surrey-6th July 2012

Location of Sighting: Frensham pond
Date of Sighting: Friday 6th July 2012
Time: 11.15pm
Witness Name: Anon

Witness Statement: I was driving past frensham big pond. Four bright horizontal lights in the sky, getting lower and lower. Turned radio off thinking it was an army/police helicopter, but absolutely no noise, apart from rain. I thought it was going to crash, then lights went out. Very strange.


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Updated: July 10, 2012 — 9:28 pm


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  1. Also witnessed the same set of lights, driving past Frensham Pond on a very rainy night!
    Same time, witnessed these lights, which were blindingly bright… so much so, I could hardly look at them. The 4 lights lit up the whole pond, quite impressive!

  2. This was lighting for a night time film shoot by BBC3 for a comedy programme called “Cuckoo”. The Great Pond was being used as a Thai beach.

  3. I was driving past frensham ponds in farnham surry back in round about Jan this year it must have been about 750 pm in the evening and I saw as if it had landed these weird lights and all this steam coming out of the top of this massive round what look like a big cylinder shape vessel I only caught a quick glimpse of this strange lights and craft whatever it was whether some film company was filming over there but as far as I know there wasn’t I didn’t really think much more of it until just recently but whatever is was it just looked really out of place it looked like it was just hovering above the tree line or it could have been on the ground I couldn’t be sure but it was so strange I thought it was on that night very strange never seen anything like that before

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