Fressingfield, Suffolk-12th June 2009

Location of Sighting: Nr Fressingfield, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 12/06/09
Time: 2320hrs
Witness Name: Richard McCall

Witness Statement: I was visiting my sister near Fressingfield, the night was clear an there was no wind. I looked to my left and saw three lights, low in the sky in the direction of Hoxne. They were in a line, very large, and appeared to be attached, one white, one red and then another white one, showing as a horizontal bar shape. None of the lights flashed and none were green as per aircraft. I went to my sisters house and as I did so I saw that the lights were moving in my direction. I called out my sister and we watched as the lights got closer. There was no noise andt he lights remained constant. As we watched, the lights changed shape into what I called a diamond shape, athough very thin and what she describes as like a DNA symbol, if that makes sense. The lights then changed direction to their right and formed a triangle shape with one white light a the front and two at the back. Again none of the lights flashed and with no green or red lights. When it turned we heard a low, monotone droning sound, that did not increase in volume at any stage. This noise ten stopped as the lights turned right again and went back the way they had come, showing the original white, red and white lights. It disappeared off towards Hoxne again. The whole thing lasted about 4 minutes, the lights travelled very slowly indeed and was very low, we could see it just over some trees, about 400 metres away. I tried to take pictures with both my mobile phones but there was not enough ambient light I think. I emailed this to the BBC who stated this was a meteor shower. It was not, I know what I meteorite looks like, they dont turn corners, don’t make monotone noises and don’t hold solid shape forms. I am a police officer and my sister is a highly skilled professional. None of us are into over exaggerrating anything or are seeking fame. Nor are we easily impressed by odd things but these lights were very, very odd indeed. Nor had we been drinking!

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Ufo spotted on 14 th 2 2019 at fressingfield at 2014 round orange glowing object not a drone or a plane or helicopter then it went straight up gone 7 people saw this including my self and I am a solicitor and another witness is a school teacher we can conferm this was very scary ad strange did any one else see this

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