Galashiels, Scottish Borders-10th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Galashiels, Scottish Borders
Date of Sighting: 10/12/09
Time: 17:35
Witness Name: Peter

Witness Statement: Whilst out having a cigarette in the garden (house is on the hill above Tesco/Borders College off Melrose rd), a huge, bright orange light, almost flare like, shot up from behind the hills from out Selkirk way. I honestly thought it was a missle or the afterburner of a military aircraft ! but no sound, quite low. The object literally ground to a halt when it got over Galashiels, at the hill my house is on. The object burnt so bright as it flew at an amazing spee, then stopped, just floating above Gala and became less bright as it slowed down. It floated slowly, turned towards St Boswells direction and gradually faded out, but with intermittent small bursts of vigour/light.

it was like a missile taking off when it came over the hills !! it was like a huge star burning, but orange in colour !!

I managed to take some pics and when zoomed into the object using Microsoft Picture Manager, the object has a grid/lattice type formation around it.

I have over 40 pics of anomolous objects now taken in The Borders !

I have attached the pics !

Another person witnessed it also !

The pics were taken as the light became less bright than it was – when it first appeared, I thought we were under attack with missiles being launched !!

[slideshow id=25]


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Updated: December 15, 2009 — 8:03 pm


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  1. Thanks for posting my sighting.

    If you click on the far right button on the picture slideshow, it’ll open up to full screen and you’ll see the lattice shaped light formation around this object and you can clearly see a disc shape in the centre of the light area.

    These pics bare no resemblance to what the light was like when I first seen it come over the hills !! Some other people in Selkirk and Galashiels must have seen it, as it was around 5:30/35pm

  2. My apologies:

    Incidentally, within 30 mins of this sighting, 2 military jet aircraft flew past Galashiels, quite low, heading towards Selkirk.

    Military aircraft are seen a lot here, but not so much at night time. I know someone who’s friend is a military jet pilot and they only usually fly/train 9-5pm weekdays…..normally !

  3. Hello Peter,

    Very dramatic. Wow.

    Just wondering… when the object / light / craft left you… did it head over the Eildon Hills on its way towards St Boswells?

    That ‘ordering’ of light around your Craft… like a type of prism effect… I have seen something similar before, and I wondered if there’s a connection. Perhaps these craft are projecting a particular type of light for a purpose… or whether it’s just the nature of the light they use. Either way, it seems to mean something.

    A year or two ago, I took screenshots from a video of two lights over a North American lake. Enlarging the lights, and lightening the images, there’s a similar quality of prismatic light. I played with the images for hours, fascinated.

    I could post an image or two here, but anyone can take their own screenshots from the video and play around with the images.

    This is the video:
    Two Lake Erie UFO’s

    Your sighting was around six days ago. It was something like six days ago, earlyish one evening there was the close sound of an unusual (jet) aircraft-like sound here in the valley at Selkirk. Within approx an hour, a fairly dense mist arrived and the evening/night mist has been here every since. Have you had a similar, night mist in Galashiels?


  4. Although quite sceptical about UFO claims, I was indeed the person who joined Peter for the latter part of this sighting.
    That is; when the “orange light” was over Galashiels/Melrose St Boswells/Earlston area. There was no grey area about this – as far as a flying object of some kind being present. It was as clear as a flare – though not a flare – due to the hovering and change of direction. There just had to be lots of sightings of this – probably from Galashiels even as far as Wooler as the light faded from our view. Still not convinced that perhaps a light plane/helicopter (though no noise present) was responsible. Interesting though and I would like to find out exactly what it was.


  5. Hi folks,

    Camera angle to object was about 60-75 degrees, so no ground reflection. I noticed the whitish light to the side of the Orange light too. It seems kind of transparent, no idea what it was, but certainly not any refelection of anything else, as the camera was pointed straight up at the sky at the said angle.

    The prism effect is interesting, but you can clearly see a disc like outline.

    As it came over the hill (where the Transmitter is on the hill at the adge of Gala-Abbostford rd end), it came heading towards the “Tesco Sucks” sign and you would not believe how bright it was – the pics are no comparison. When it got to our side (probably above Langlee, but still high)as it slowed down, the light/glow wasn’t as bright and luminscent. Its as though the propulsion speed determined the original brightness ! As it floated, the light became less bright, then it turned slowly right and headed off towards The Eildons, but as it did, the light faded out.

    There was a strange hum and atmosphere as it happened. No mist, altough there is mist around the Gala hills now, on and off due to weather/season.

    To compound the sighting, 30 mins later I seen 2 jet fighters head out the valley, from Eildon Hills towards Selkirk, flying very low and around 6pm.

    The original orange star like glow/flare from it was as though someone had set off a huge (I mean ballistic missile huge) firework from beyond the hills, and it startled me to see it shooting up from beyond the hills, up to where it stopped and floated around – amazing to watch & witness !!


  6. Hi Pete,

    Re: “Incidentally, within 30 mins of this sighting, 2 military jet aircraft flew past Galashiels, quite low, heading towards Selkirk.”

    I saw the belly of a fighter as it turned… approx 750 feet from my eyes. There seems to be a message when they zoom low over WGFT HQ.

    It would be good if the message was: “We also want to stop the mad NWO people.. because for one thing, we are mad about the MILLION PLUS people who died in IRAQ after Bush and Blair talked us into taking ‘DEMOCRACY’ to IRAQ.”


    WGFT (World Gathering For Truth) has a campaign to aid in waking the world up before we all zip into statistics (if there’s anyone alive later to read them) in Earth’s history.


    Stand-Off ‘Battle’ …. ET Versus New World Order

    I understand a lot of the manoeuvres the friendly Craft are carrying out, because I have seen them before. The more ET does big things in the sky… the more I post across the Internet the ideas and information I am pretty sure ET wants to communicate to people.

    I am getting really heavy ‘flack’ here and it’s nearly killing me. Have you heard of ‘remote, directed energy attack’? I have endured it, non-stop, since late in 2000. Now I have walking pneumonia, and an exotic virus. Couple that with living in a block of flats of stressed out casualties (ie the average person) of terrible, modern life on a problem-family housing estate … I don’t know how long I can survive.

    Michael Irving, on the Battlefield, in Selkirk

  7. you dont post my post but
    you let this inane drivel
    about wgtf hq go…says it all

  8. What has all this got to do with discussing the above sighting………..nothing.

  9. hi michael
    it sounds like maybe,you need to take a break and relax.recharge your batterys!!
    we have discussed recently how we feel that something is building up,and that we know something big is going to happen.we know that there are a lot of people who feel this as well.all of these sightings mean something,its leading up to something big and soon we will see what.
    stay strong and trust your gut instinct.

  10. Hi Jeanette,

    Not going to even bother with reporting it to so called authorities.

    I think this is for each and every one of us to validate on our own. We don’t really need an authorative body to validate what we already know in ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚

    The day I see Disclosure and it all being handled/PR’d by the Govmnt is the day of a false flag. Should worldwide Disclosure happen next year (and there are plans for it in the USA), and the Gvnt take the reigns of it, is the day to put chains on your hands and feet and be enslaved for the rest of our lives if we believe what they tell us ! it” all be orchestrated and a mass media event.

    It’s got nothing to do with Govmnt’s, its got everything to do with each and every one of us. Everyone has to come to an awareness of it themselves, by themselves, for themselves, then a change will happen.

    Possibly an evolutionary step for humanity ?

    Time for us to grow up as a species I wold think and not rely on Authorities – stuff em ! we don’t need them to validate anything.

    Seek your news from alternative media and don’t listen to the crap they throw at us via mainstream news channels….purely designed to keep us dumbed down, un-informed and “indoors”, as are ridiculous TV shows (X-factor..etc)

    I get what your saying, but why keep them in the loop – don’t need them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace, Music & Understanding

  11. Hey Pete,

    I replied to your emails today. Your photos are very similar to mine. Some ‘unknowns’, but with definite indications of disc / saucer craft.

    Would you like to say a word here about how you are in Galashiels seeing Craft, and you know I am five miles away in Selkirk (the apparent source of your orange light / Craft) also photographing craft?

    For anyone interested in the area around the Three Sisters / Eildon Hills (where Galashiels and Selkirk are), a sighting was reported here of two groups of three Craft (ORANGE colour – like Pete’s) appearing over the Three Sisters / Eildons on the same night I photographed two Craft very close to my home in Selkirk (apparent source of Pete’s recent Craft / light), on 7th February 2009:

    Melrose, Scottish Borders – 7th February 2009

    Selkirk, Scottish Borders, Scotland – 7th February 2009

    I liked Pete’s recent sighting, because as stated above I am getting hellish attention for daring to post here and for doing things right around the world through the internet. Promoting information on the ET-UFO situation is one of the main things I do, and I have done it for a long time. I guess some of the readers here are just ‘Spotters’, as in ‘train spotters’. But I know there are many ‘real’ people who visit here also.

    I am not trying to ‘get in on the act’ here. I am already in on the act. But I resent it – and I frequently stand up for people it happens to – when attempts at authentic, human expression are squashed and trampled on.

    Here is my own report (at my ‘fringe’ / ‘nutter’ website) of the two Selkirk Craft on February 7th, 2009, for anyone interested in the Three Sisters / Eildons area of SE Scotland:

    Interesting thing about Selkirk, William Wallace was proclaimed ‘Guardian / Protector of Scotland’ here in 1298.


  12. Hi
    I was in the Borders on the 10th on business, and had two remarkable encounters with Chinook helicopters. This may be linked to your sighting as the time-frame regarding my later encounter finished about 40 minutes before your sighting ! I know these reports are for ufo’s but thought this may be of interest. The first sighting started at around 2pm as i was finishing lunch, and I was parked at a small lane off the B road between Bonjedward and Jedburgh – the lane forms part of a right of way and I was parked in a small parking area next to fields. You can clearly see the A road leading to Kelso from here. It was a lovely day, but cold, great visibility and suddenly heard a noise which was becoming louder and sounded like rotor blades of a helicopter. Looked round, couldn’t see anything and then turned to my right looking behind me and just abut jumped out of my seat. A huge chinook came into view hovering just above the field hedgerows and was gathering speed – it looked like either they had been hovering or had actually landed in the grassy field and were taking off again. I had my camera in the boot and made to get it but just froze due to the sheer amazement of being so close to the chinook. I’ve seen them flying high above Soutra near the A68 before but to see one at such a close distance was truly amazing. I then dashed to the boot as the chinook was right in front of me and just stood staring at it ! By the time I managed to fumble and get my camera out it had ascended well above tree level but was still low enough to take some shots and luckily the pilot decided to circle, and I rolled off about four shots of the chinook. I will get them downloaded if there is any interest in this but I know this site is for ufo’s….. not ifo’s !!
    The chinook circled round then flew off down towards Jedburgh. Buzzing from the excitement, I headed off to my next appointment but had noted that during my lunch break there were numerous fighter jets flying around. If that was good, the best was yet to come. After I finished work, I took my usual leg-stretcher up to the Penial Haugh monument at Harestanes just off the A68. Started around 4pm and sun was already setting as I walked up in the dusk. Got to the top 20 minutes later and was taking photos of the sunset (nothing spectacular) when i heard the sounds of helicopters. Looked south and saw not one but two white lights flying apart and both very low but were obviously helicopters due to the noise. One was actually returning to the area where I saw the chinook earlier that day and it hovered and then moved to woods just next to the main junction of the A68 and the road to Hawick, just north of Bonjedward. The other chinook which was hovering over another wooded area came closer and then both flew away. Then one chinook started hovering again and the other started flying around obviously searching for it. This continued over the next ten minutes and they covered quite a large area – seemed to me like they playing the game “cat and mouse”. What happened next almost had me hitting the ground! One chinook hovered over the section of woods near the Hawick turn-off while the other chinook then circled round “forcing” the “target” to move to its left. Suddenly from out of nowhere, an RAF fighter jet screamed at very low altitude toward the chinook being “forced” to move round the wooded hill. As the chinook rounded the open side of the woods, the jet screamed over the top of the copter, which in turn did a very fast circling maneouvre – whether this was planned or not is open to question, but I thought for a second there was going to be a collision!! Bear in mind though, that from where I was viewing this there may have been some distance bewteen the chinook and the jet – it just seemed to me that it was too close for comfort! Both chinooks then started flying north, one was well over to my right as I faced south so it was flying north near the A68, while the other disappeared. However, I heard the rotor blades sound increasing, then saw a large white light moving towards me – the chinook was flying up and over the contours of the hill I was standing on – and i knew what was coming!! I can still remember seeing the large white light at the front/bottom of the craft coming right toward me – I tried to video it on my mobile phone but the darned thing wouldn’t work right so I tried with my camera and only managed to take a shot of the white searchlight surrounded by darkness(very low light conditions but when zoomed in you can see the body of the chinook stand out). The sound and size of the chinook, again, was such an amazing sight, but this time the copter was much closer than previous encounter. I shouted out in awe as this machine screamed round and over my head. It was obvious they were training and it looked like one chinook was playing a target, the other was acting as a beacon and forcing the target to move toward an intercepting fighter jet. The chinook which screamed over my head on the summit of the hill then started hovering over the small loch to the north-west from the hill I was on and using their searchlight. It was as if they were looking for something and / or carrying out a search for an enemy target. I thought at the the time the Chinooks were trying to act like ufo’s as they only had one main beam on the front/bottom which also seemed to be visible from the rear. They were hovering very low and in many locations – it seemed as if they doing this deliberately but of course it could simply have been an innocent training exercise? The fighter jet disappeared and the chinooks continued their “exercise” for another 5 minutes or so then they both flew north – I thought heading towards RAF Leuchars or Lossiemouth, but perhaps they knew what was going to happen over Galashiels as reported by Peter! The air show finished about 4.45pm and I made my way back to the car in darkness – no further encounters occurred on my journey back home, but now wished I had stayed for another hour or so !!

    I was not going to log this but felt it may be linked in some way with Peter’s sighting. Incidentally, I have done this walk many times over the past few years and have never had an encounter with RAF craft like this. Hope you found this of interest.

  13. hi peter i saw the same thing on christmas night around the same time 5.30pm it was a large orange ball that made no sound seem to move towards lilliesleaf then circle out of view come back hover and disapear. it was the weirdest thing i have ever saw. it could not have been military as there was no noise i have no explanation.

  14. Hi Nicola

    I seen another one in Glasgow, Saturday around 5-5:30pm. I was back visiting family and drove into my mothers street and lo and behold, the same or similar light to what I seen over Gala, was above Mount Vernon/Burntbroom in the east end of Glasgow.

    Below clouds, heading east, slowly, little bursts of light,floated then hovered and stopped, turned left heading North, fading out or dissapearing into the low clouds.

    I have around 50 pics taken around the Borders now with objects in them, but discovered a new “thing” in one of my pics taken months ago, from Beamerside – hovering just above a tree – very metallic and quite clear, not disc shaped, but kind of square/hexagonal….

    A change is gonna come me thinks ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for letting me know – it’s good to know other folks in The Borders are witnessing sightings


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