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Ganavan, Oban, Scotland-16th October 2010

Location of Sighting: Ganavan, Oban, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 16/10/10
Time: 07.30pm
Witness Name: Kerry

Witness Statement: Saw strange yellow/orange lights in my garden and up in sky , dog barking at them, ran in and goT my camera took pictures with and wihout flash.

Here are 2 of the photos sent in by Kerry:

Here is a third image sent in by Kerry (photo taken in dark-no flash):


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Updated: October 22, 2010 — 10:22 pm


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  1. Just how long was the shutter open on these shots?
    Are they supposed to be pictures of webs of light hanging in the sky? Or are they supposed to be pictures of bright object(s) darting around?
    If flash was used, then I believe the exposure would have been about a 30th of a second.
    Whichever, we need a bit more detail to make any sense of these pictures.
    (Anybody know of an iPhone app that lets you scribble on the screen? – Just a thought)
    Fazil 🙂

  2. i have no idea what it is,im not an expert using the camera the flash was probaly used as it was pitch black that night. If you zoom in on these pictures you will see detail. The reference to an Iphone makes me laugh as i would be just as sceptical is the next person. I just took the pictures not claiming it to be anything bt unusuallooking. Just wanted some explanations. Wasn’t lights in the sky as whatever it was was above the ocean in those pics.
    On the second picture there you can see eyes if you zoom right in.
    I sent another pic which hasn’t been put up on here for some reason. It showed my garden in darkness a close up of what looks like three heads and shoulders.

  3. Hi Kerry,
    Sorry, wasn’t being cynical when I mentioned the iPhone app – more “once bitten, twice shy” having made a complete ass of myself with the Roydon fake posting.
    We’ve had a few similar sightings to this one you’ve sent in and they are a puzzle, because there’s nothing consistent with a “snapshot” type picture.
    Let’s assume it’s a real photograph of a real phenomenon, with no modification to the picture after it was taken…
    1. These pictures, and similar pictures on previous postings, show multiple, parallel light tracks, generally with one of the traces brighter than the others. So, on the face of it, we’re looking at either a single, invisible object with multiple lights on it or numerous objects moving in perfect synchronisation.
    2. The traces are quite extensive. So we’re either looking at objects moving very quickly in a random pattern or a picture taken with a long exposure (unlikely if the flash is used) or both. “Camera shake” has been suggested and discussed as a possible cause of the apparent movement of the object. In most cases, this is unlikely due to the movement of the light against the background. If the apparent movement of the trace is caused by camera shake, then the background should move with the object. This is not the case with this latest set of pictures.
    What evidence is there that these pictures are not exactly as described?
    1. Look at the background of the first two pics sent in, ignoring the light trace. The appearance of the clouds and skyline could be interpreted as a triple exposure as there appear to be three separate images, of the same profile, superimposed on each other. How this could be done with a digital camera, I have no idea. If anyone has a posh digital camera with multiple exposure facilities, please let us know.
    There’s a faint possibility that this could be due to “camera shake”, but I would expect the 3 images to be blurred together rather than appearing as distinctly separate images in the same frame.
    2. Look at the light traces and try to follow them across the pictures. They extend from the sky down to the ground (or the sea? Initially they were “In my garden” then they were “over the ocean”) and have bright dots scattered along their length. This indicates a constant light that flashes ocassionaly, again recorded by an extended time exposure. This could, for instance, be caused by the navigation and strobe lights on a helicopter coming in to land (and perhaps taking off again).
    3. There are 3 traces of varying brightness. This could be caused by separate lights on, for instance, wings and fuselage of an aeroplane with the lights pointing in different directions – the brightest obviously pointing more directly towards the camera.
    The effect could also be caused by internal reflections in a double or triple glazed window, which the picture was taken through. You can see this if you look at the moon or a street light through a double glazed window at night.

    So these pictures show every sign of being either extended time exposures of something moving through the sky or pictures with a trace added after the picture was taken. This is not how the pictures were described.

    I know a chap, who produces pictorial artworks by taking time exposures of fire embers. Very beautiful and artistic results, with some of the ember traces looking very similar to the traces in these pictures. However, he uses very expensive Hasselblad, large format film cameras with exposures of up to 5 minutes at a time.
    My own, fairly high spec, Olympus camera opens the shutter for a maximum of 1 second, on the “auto” setting, no matter how dark it is. Judging by the length of the traces in these pictures, I would say the shutter was open for much longer than this, which would require some kind of manual override of the auto setting, or a high spec camera with a much wider range of auto operation, and either a tripod or a very steady hand. Manual override would require a bit more than “not an expert” knowledge. The alternative is that whatever caused these traces moved and covered the apparent distance, with all the changes in direction, at very high speed. On the “flash” photo(s), the shutter should be open for about 1/30th of a second only and that’s a lot of distance and movement in such a short time!
    Can you give any more detail kerry? Make and model of the camera, used to take the pictures, would help. Did you just press the button and let go? Or did you hold it down for a while?
    By the way, I’ve tried my usual digital adjustments on these pictures and can get no significant improvements in visibility of the traces or any additional background detail.
    This suggests that the pictures have been “flattened” in some way (not necessarily intentionally), so what you see is what you get, in this case.
    Fazil 🙂

  4. If you check the EXIF data with the photo file it says the flash was off on both shots. The time they were taken is correct with what is stated

    There appears to be very excessive camera shake due to long exposure which unfortunately makes it pretty impossible to judge if the point of light was actually moving itself or not.

    However in fairness, I think the photos could well represent what Kerry says she saw.

  5. Fazil
    Samsung ES71 is the camera i have. I’m not aware of taking multiple exposures. Not sure what that means exactly. Sorry when it comes to cameras and their fancy settings i stay clear, it was a new camera my boyfriend just bought me weeks ago. “in my garden” refers to the shot in the dark which was closest to me in the garden (light figure in bottom right of photo). “over the sea” refers to the other pictures which were focused in the sky sunset and ocean underneath if you look at oban itself it looks onto the ocean, so does my gardens view .I did not hear any helecoptors or see helicopter lights or movement. No aeroplanes fly over oban a see plane but nt at that time even if there was somhow a plane that does not explain the unique shape of this lightform.
    WIth reference to “extended time exposures” how long is an extended time exposure? this is all very technical, is that a setting on camera, if it is i didn’t use it just straight forward flash/no flash. Regarding your comment “or pictures with a trace added after picture was taken”
    What does that mean that i added this to the picture after i took it. That is definately not the case, i certainly don’t know how to do that.
    Im not going out of my way to fabricate something that is not there, i have better things to do with my time.
    Pictures were not taken through a window i was outside in the garden.
    Flattened pictures? Uploading it again make a difference?frustratingly my boyfriend couldnt improve on detail of these pictures that may be why. If what you say is true about pictures being flattened then that is somthing i don’t know how to do but your right i could have done that by misstake? what would i have needed to do to flatten picture? you have my camera details, if you can tell me from that what i would have done then please tell me.
    WHat difference does this flattening make to picture validity ?
    In terms of holding down button to take picture, due to the type of button on camera, a simple click does not take a photo must hold it down for a second.

    I understand the need to rule out possible alternatives. These other pictures you have seen similar to these, could you send me them would love to see them or tell me where i could check them out.

    Thankyou for your time
    Look forward to hearing you again

  6. Kerry, try searching for these on the site search thingy (top right of the page).
    I had to search through 450 pages to get the last one, because I couldn’t remember the name of the place (duh) and then found that I couldn’t get it to display the posting. So I hope you have better luck, because it’s the best one.

    Chigwell, Essex-21st August 2010.
    Pontywaun-3rd July 2010
    Sholing, Southampton-20th May 2010
    Newall Green looking N E-10th Oct 2007
    Newall Green,Manchester-2nd May 2010
    Newall Green,Wythenshawe-7th January 2010
    Stocksfield, Northumberland UK-10th June 2008

    I’ll be making more comment on this posting soon, so stay tuned.
    Fazil 🙂

  7. jj:)
    Appeciate you’s comment .I guess it’s just natural for me to defend what i saw. I won’t let others opinions bother me too much. It won’t stop me from sharing anything on your site that i think is worth sharing.I doubt i will ever see anything like that again though.



  8. Hi Kerry thanks for sharing your experience and the images. I wonder have you ever heard of Project Blue Beam? I would be very interested to see any other images or information you may have.
    I will publish my email address if the site allows if however they edit out the address please try and make them available in an online album with the title KerryOCT282010ganavan and i will search.
    Please im not a crank. This is very serious research

  9. JJ,

    Do you know of actual instances of witnesses being approached by so called “professionals” asking for cameras and photos? I ask as I have certainly never heard of this happening to anyone who has seen or photographed a UFO in the UK in over thirty years of close involvement with many such witnesses.

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