Gateshead, Tyne and Wear-18th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
Date of Sighting: 18 August 2009
Time: 3:00am to 3:40am
Witness Name: Gareth Hutton and Jane Smith

Witness Statement: Me and my girlfriend had been up late and decided to go to bed around 2:30am.I went straight to bed but my girlfriend stayed awake in bed for a while and woke me at around 3:oo am to ask what i thought of a light in the sky.I have no knowledge of astronomy but know that we live over a flight path to newcastle airport used by incomoing air traffic.The object we witnessed was no where near this flight path and seemed to be about 2 to 3 miles away over some fields.It appeared to be static for a while but then seemed to dart around a small area in a way a aircraft could not manouvre.The light was gold/yellow in colour and faded almost completely before moving at high speed upwards with instant acceleration.About 10 to 15 mins later the object reappeared about a mile further north of its previous location and hovered a while then done the same as last time.This continued a further 3 times before it dissapeared from view behind a roof top.I am certain this object was not an aircraft, lantern or star and was under the clouds so none were obscuring our view.If anyone else seen this amber/gold light please comment.


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  1. On the evening before IE: 17/08/09 at around 10pm this object with the same description was saw by myself and my partner, We live in gateshead between the stadium and the highway and are in a multistory flat. The object was east/north east from us at a distance of 3-5 miles i recon, Not moving like a plane comming into land it was still for a while and all of a sudden it made a sharp turn and was at some speed heading east.

    Not sure what it was and couldnt get focus with the camera, so ni pics, sorry

  2. Thanks for commenting, very interesting.Seems like we seen the same thing.Will be watching tonight for any more activity.Comment back if you see anything, cheers.
    Gareth and Jane

  3. Hey i was on the train coming back from thorpe park i cant remember where i was but the sun was setting in the distance this was around 7:50pm or something and from my view i was just looking at the sun and bout (from where in sitting) 12 inches to the right i saw a huge beam of light so big it couldnt possibly be an aircraft more like a very small atomic bomb type of light (this is so hard to discribe) but it lasted in total bout 3-4 seconds going from amazingly bright to slowing going away. it couldnt possible be the sun any idea what it could be. i thought that say if it was an alien space ship or something it was invisable or something and moved to fly off and got court on the sun and reflected the suns ray into my direction.

  4. Two nights’ ago (17th) I went into garden to water plants just after 9 pm and noticed a circular ball of orange light travelling south across the sky. It was moving faster than an aircraft and seemed very far away. It appeared to stay in one place for a few minutes until diminishing to nothing in the distance. I mentioned it to my daughter the following day and she too had seen it whilst walking to a friend’s house. I wondered if it might be a comet but it had no visible tail, or perhaps a meteorite??? Did anyone else in the Waterlooville area see it?

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