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  1. My sighting is as acurate as explained.

  2. Report UFO sightings online in the UK on the (23 March 2014) Time: 14:17
    I took my son to a party .
    At jungle jym’s centre .
    I have just gone out side for cigaret and i looked up and i saw a plane in the sky going past form the left to the right of me the plane was easy jet .
    out side of jungle jym’s centre .
    Just of Harborugh hill rd going on to meadow st Barnsley S71 1DE
    Looking to ward’s Old Mill Lane
    And i saw 2 UFO going up ward’s in the sky like a s bend in the sky then it shot of to the over plane form the same place and 1 of the UFO stop .
    And was moving the same speed .
    Has the plane in front of it .
    It must be about half of mile of his nose of it.
    Then the 2 UFO shot of and you could see a Bortrex from back of it.
    And went so fast it made a nose like a BIG bank the 1st UFO went a round the plane not 1 but 2 time’s then went i was so shaking i can not believe it what i saw.

  3. A sonic boom over Barnsley which nobody else heard? Hmmm.

  4. Michael Ian Black

    Greetings if anybody happens to have a copy of Jim Templetons image of the Solway Firth Spaceman please get in touch.


    Michael. Ian. Black

  5. @ Michael Ian Black

    Here is the Solway photo:

  6. i live in Cudham Lane, Sevenoaks Kent. We are near Biggin Hill airport but this was the complete different direction. At around 12 last night 20th August 2014 my partner woke me up saying there were weird lights in the sky (1 bright 2 faint). i know what Chinese lanterns are, satellite dishes, plains…this was not any of them. the light would fuzz around for a bit then dart off left or right very fast. the 2 fainter lights were not so easy to see but still there. it would all of a sudden just drop. do you kn ow what this could be? we have no idea and are completely baffled!!

  7. i want to tell you about a something i saw but feel like i shouldnt be saying anything i dont know why i
    what i saw wasnt a saucer or a cigar or a triangle to be fair it wasnt a shape or a ball or a lantern for that matter i saw the underneath well i presumed it was the underneath it had a central light(or light source) and then a light going around it in a clockwise motion i didnt see the top as there was ahaze of smoke around it(it was clear night no clouds in sky) it filled the area i was in quite large area but the puzzling thing is what i saw up to that. but i no about it but cant seem to think straight when i try to i .thought about seeing hypnotist to try and regain it

  8. I seen a ufo this morning following 2 planes
    I can’t seem to load the pictures on here
    Anyone any ideas

  9. Hi my name is Steven Collins I live in St Neots Cambridgeshire I saw a disc shaped ufo that had a very strong red light and was flying low over St Neots Cambridgeshire in the UK at 00:53am I just caught a glimpse of the ufo outside my back garden whilest smoking

  10. Andy, I was amazed the other day when I saw you had a few recent sighting reports online at UK UFO. If you can, please keep UK UFO going with new sightings. It may be hard work for you, I know, but I felt very lost when you slowed down on posting sightings towards the end of 2014. The news section of my website – World Gathering For Truth – has dozens and dozens of highly meaningful reports which you posted several years ago. Have a look… I’m not sure if this list has included all the reports I have posted from UK UFO ….

  11. LANCASHIRE UFO NETWORK otherwise known as LUFON based in Blackpool are waiting to hear from you.
    If you have seen a UFO in Lancashire or the West Coast we can investigate.

    Call now on 0739 831 5217

  12. Fri 29th Sept around midnight looking north from Halesworth Suffolk saw 2 bright lights partially hidden by cloud which criss crossed each other in a regular pattern in the same plane,they were very rapid,when they reached edge of cloud they faded and then came back within the cloud,this continued at least half an hour,saw following night but fainter and more low/east.Can’t find any other reports.Any ifo please ?
    p.s. no video only unhelpful still pic.

  13. Ask the Government UFO sighting 11th September 2004 postcode RG3O 3TG was not detected. Atomic Weapons Establishment? Massive Security Risk.

  14. we here too had a strange report. our brig said to us to belt up or he’d come at us like lighting. anyhow, we saw stuff no man should spot. worked on a few, but were limited in our expression of wonder. all seems ordinary now. papers scarpered with someone, but no real dox were kept of such matters. too much bawling ‘twou asks us!

  15. The Solway spaceman I think is quite definately the mans wife with her back to the camera. He must just have been concentrating on focusing on his daughter and not noticed. The strange thing is I believe, his visit by some men in black who
    drove him to the marsh and then left him there when he said (when asked) he had not seen a spaceman at the scene.

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