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Gloucester Park , Basildon-2nd September 2013

Location of Sighting: Gloucester Park ,Basildon,Essex
Date of Sighting: 2/9/2013
Time: 13.00
Witness Name: Lee

Witness Statement: I was sitting over gloucester park in basildon. I looked up and saw a black triangle flying over ( not sure if it was a tr-b3 ) being followed by a light plane..If it was a tr-b3 most probably heading over to syria


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Updated: September 3, 2013 — 8:31 pm


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  1. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for letting us know about this one!
    It may have been a TR3b, but more probably (perhaps) a lone B-2 stealth bomber. We are often not party to know what is being sent to these other countries. However, as I am well into aircraft and helicopters, one of the web-sites that I watch and also contribute to is:
    and useful info can be gained by going onto this, especially in times of ‘international tension’
    What you witnessed may well be something like this.
    Incidentally, the ‘light plane’ was most probably a private one which had nothing to do with any mil. ops. -Paul

  2. There is no such thing as a “TR3B”. The Black Triangle UFOs are from another world.

  3. I was also at Gloucester park on the 2nd of September and about 8pm I saw some really fast moving “thing” in the sky. Larger than a plane and some 10x faster moving. Zoomed across the sky right to left and then suddenly went in crazy in all sorts or weird directions before stooping down out of view. I am a keen astronomer so I know the difference between shooting stars etc. I have always wondered what the hell was out there and after seeing what I saw Tuesday evening I can safely say my outlook has changed!! Glad you saw something too Lee! I have been dmsearching google, twitter, YouTube just to find someone who has seen a similar thing on the same night!

  4. Hi
    I saw exactly the same thing on Sunday 1st sept over Bedford and previously two years ago at the same location.
    A triangular drone followed by a light aircraft..the one I saw on Sunday was the same size as the plane and had rounded wing tips .
    Very interesting, but I don’t think a tr3b .
    Cheers .

  5. T Wood’s at it again!

    “There is no such thing as a “TR3B”. The Black Triangle UFOs are from another world.”

    While I doubt this sighting was TR3B, to state so categorically that the black triangles are other-worldly is, frankly, ridiculous. They are, and have been, sighted so frequently that we would have to assume the aliens have a regular bus service to Earth! Are there any B2’s in this country at the moment? If so, it’s a more likely explanation.

  6. just to confirm that I saw the same thing flying over Canvey Island about 1pm heading East.
    The light aircraft was travelling quite quick so it definitely wasn’t a micro-lite.

  7. Hi all,
    Just a quick note! – a Google search (and Google Images for pictures of it) for ‘tr-3b’comes up with ‘Top Secret U.S. Nuclear Powered black triangular aircraft’, (possibly also with an ‘anti-gravity’ element to them as well). A lot of these sightings, especially in the U.S. are very likely to be this sort of craft being tested.
    Of course, this one is of this world and I do not rule out entirely the possibility of even more versions of this type of secret technology, presenting themselves in sightings which at present cannot be properly explained! -Paul

  8. So to sum up. The RAF are so short of interceptors we are using light aircraft to shadow and shepherd them from our airspace. Well, it beats black, unmarked helicopters. How many others saw this spectacle? Not Putin I hope?

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