Goole – Northampton, M1-18 March 2012

Location of Sighting: Goole – Northampton, M1
Date of Sighting: 18 March 2012
Time: 20.15 – 22.15
Witness Name: Ben

Witness Statement: I was driving to Northampton from Hull and set off at about 8pm. I was heading out West towards Doncaster to eventually join the M1. The roads were fairly quiet. I had only been on the road for about 15-20 minutes and was approaching Goole and something ahead of me in the sky, to the left slightly, caught my eye. It looked like a star but was too large and too bright. It was a solid light, not pulsating and not flashing like a plane would. It was also a ‘yellow’ light, a bit like a light bulb. At first I assumed this was a planet and carried on driving. About 30 seconds later the light caught my eye again, though this time was ahead and to the right slightly, directly above the big powerstation at Goole. This is quite a big jump in distance from where I initially spotted the light. There was smoke coming out of the powerstation chimneys and I could see this light clearly amongst the smoke… I couldn’t tell if it was in front or behind the smoke but it was at this point that I noticed another light, very similar but a bit smaller, directly below the ‘primary’ one. There seemed to be a fair bit of distance between these two lights and they hovered there for a while as I drove along until one of them faded out, fairly quickly, like someone turning a dimmer switch, until the light had gone… the primary light then did the same a couple of seconds later. I thought it was a pretty bizarre turn of events until they both faded back into existence just in the same manner a few seconds afterwards. This would then proceed to continue every few minutes for about 10/15 minutes. Occasionally they’d both fade out and re-appear elsewhere in the sky, quite some distance away from where they’d vanish and only about 10 seconds later each time. After I passed the powerstation, I noticed these lights were still to my right… they stood out, were way bigger and brighter than stars and appeared to be on the move. Even now, I can’t tell if this was one gigantic object, two seperate lights in perfect formation, nor how far away they were. As I turned off to Doncaster (with the lights behind me, myself heading South, the other way), I assumed that would be the end of it… but shortly afterwards I noticed these lights to my right again. They’d altered course and were heading South or South South West. Nearer to Doncaster, these lights were still there and I saw something really bizarre, potentially unrelated. I only saw this for a few seconds on my right. It appeared to be some kind of diamond shaped, brown/orange thing with some kind of flames coming out of the bottim of it. It moved past my right quickly, seemed fairly close and was flying at a slanted angle. It seemed to change trajectory and go up into the sky as it passed me and looked about the size of a helicopter. It kind of looked like a missile, or how I imagine one would look… but the movement of it was a bit too strange to be one. My details on this thing are vague but I saw it for a total duration of about 4/5 seconds. As I continued South the two original lights were in the sky the whole time, right up until I turned off at J16, Northampton West I could see at least one of these two lights. The whole time they kept formation, were visible at times when stars weren’t, were visible whether or not the road was lit, were visible through clouds (if they were behind them) and I could even see them through the trees on the roadside. They passed over Goole, Doncaster, Rotheram, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Derby and Rugby. Once I joined the M1 the lights were constant as far as I could tell, no fading in and out like they did over Goole. The lights were a lot lower at this point, to the West of the M1 and they were further away but they still stood out, way more than stars and planes did. I saw a few planes in the sky at the same time and they looked completely different. Their lights were flashing and were much smaller. The two lights would gradually fall further behind me as I drove South but would suddenly seem to catch up again and be viewable to my right… I’d check my satnav to see if this was because of the course of the road but this would happen at times when the road would be facing more to the east which reinforces the notion of these lights moving, not being static objects like stars. I couldn’t watch them consistently because of my commitment to driving but would look as often as I could to see if they were still there. Now and again I would get quite far ahead of them, but even against car headlights I could still make out the ‘primary’ light in my wing mirror! At one point near Sheffield I pulled into a services to see if these lights were moving or if it was the effect of travelling that was tricking me but when I parked up they were too low to see over the services’ trees. As I continued my journey I quickly spotted them again. If I’d have seen these lights from the M1 initially I’d probably have thought nothing of them because it was mainly the ‘primary’ one that was visible and it was fairly low… but having seen what they did over Goole they had me pretty fixated for the entire journey. The journey’s usually about 2 and a half hours and for 2 hours of this one, I could see at least one of these lights. The primary light looked kind of dome shaped when I was closer to it at Goole… almost like it was at the end of something physical… Though if both lights were part of the same object then this thing could have easily been the size of a village or town! At a few sections of motorway where you get a good view of a city/town (ie: Sheffield in this case) both lights were very clear and easy to see as they passed over the city. I don’t know how many other drivers or pedestrians might have seen these in the sky tonight but they’ve been drifting South and a little to the West for the past few hours. At the rate they were going they’d probably be at Bristol about now. To be fair, although they were bigger and brighter than stars, planets or planes, once their alititude appeared to drop they didn’t look particularly significant. For the most part of the journey they were constant, not fading in and out, which may not have drawn too much attention. I’m going to keep my eye out for any mention of something like this over the next few days! Just to clarify, I’m not the sort of person who would make this up and I also watch tonnes of documentaries about space, so I know that these weren’t stars, they weren’t reflections etc. , they weren’t planets and they definitely weren’t planes. Their formation stayed perfect whenever I could see them both at the same time. The only questions I’ve got are, “were they one object or two?” and “What the hell was that orange thing!?” I’ve been dismissing the orange thing as a trick of the eye/mind because it happened pretty quickly… but I spent two hours watching the two big ‘yellow’ lights! Never seen anything like these before… One thing that crossed my mind was something in the wind… but the perfect formation and change in direction over such a period of time has made me discount that. I’d rather be able to explain what this was but I really can’t.


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  1. To cut a long story short, it seems clear that you’ve been looking at Venus and Jupiter, which are brilliant objects in the evening sky at the moment. Only that would account for what you saw being constant in their relationship to one another and visible throughout your journey. Their apparent movement was an optical illusion caused by the motion of your vehicle.

  2. erm, dont know what hes talkin bout, but i saw something similiar last january in derbyshire, two huge triangle shaped craft hanging in the sky not too far from the nuclear power station of the a52, these things were evtremely huge, at least half mile across, they hung in the air for aprox five mins then vanished in front of my eyes like someone turned out a light switch..then two f16 military jets screeched towards where these strange craft were…if u research these type of sightings there seems to be a lot anywhere there is power stations and nuclear military installations…i beleive they are palaidean starships!!!!

  3. Hi Stephen,

    I thought the same at first, that they must’ve been planets, though at times they’d fade out and then return in a different place. Like someone had flicked a switch. I like to think I’m a logical person and over the course of the two hours I saw these lights at different heights, different positions in the sky and different sizes. Sometimes they’d be to my left and other times to my right… I compared this to my satnav which showed the direction my vehicle was facing and at no point should they have ever been to my left.

    The weirdest part was at Goole. These lights moved from South to North, over the powerstation, stayed there for a while, then proceeded off behind it to the West and then went South again for the next hour and a half.

    After having that amount of time to look at it I just had to discount them as planets.

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