Gornal, Dudley-2nd January 2009

Location of Sighting: Gornal,Dudley,West Midlands
Date of Sighting: 2nd January 2009
Time: TBA
Witnesses: Stacey Bradburn

Witness Statement: my husband was outside our house on friday 2nd jan 2009 when he shouted me to come and look. when i went outside there were two very big orange lights, still, in the sky .they were the same orange colour as the street lamps . hey were defo not aircraft , did not make any noise. they were still for about 20 secs then shot off in different directions. i have loooked up alot of people in different areas of the country who all have seen the same thing within the last week. we live in gornal dudley west midlands

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. I live in Oldbury, close to Quinton area and I saw the same thing around 9.00pm on night of 2nd Jan 09. Saw what appeared to be an off-orange shape hovering for around 30 seconds and then shoot off at a VERY high speed. No noise and no other lights to indicate it was a an aircraft/helicopter. It was a clear starry nite with no cloud….

  2. Hi, I saw and have footage of exactley the same thing on the night of the 10th of Jan at 22:30. I have one minutes worth of footage on my mobile. Any advise on teh next steps, surely something like this needs to be accounted for?

  3. I saw a UFO in Tipton/Dudley by Birmingham new road on Valentines day 09 at 8:45pm. was so Freaky. I got a picture of it too.
    was 2 small orange floatin objects, which was flyin very low (as low as a house) and they just hovered there for bout 30 seconds, then flew off into distance.

    it was hoverin right above my head, and I saw somethin spinnin in the middle of them, so i moved out of the way n took the pic. 3 other people came out of their houses and witnessed it.

  4. For the past few months from December 2008 up until last month February 2009 on a monthly basis my brother and His friend and I have all witnessed a strange light from my garden . We have a new build property and the light appears above an unlit carpark .The light is never about on a very clear night, but only when there is a covering of cloud.The light is in an oblong shape and moves at least the width of three houses in the sky. It moves from left to right and does not stop. I get a bit bored after a while so we just leave it to do it’s thing. Strange , but its definitely not a floodlight. , will check to see when they appear again and video the footage .My brother brought this to my attention and even odder is the dream I had before the lights appeared. ‘In the dream I was in my garden upset , the triangular UFO HOVERED LOW ABOVE THE GARDEN WITH THE POINT FACING DOWNWARDS at the grass, THE LIGHT WAS VERY BRIGHT AND A LARGE LIT UP HAND reached out to me as an invite to end the upset. In the dream I ran into the house’. In reality the lights have appeared shortly after and continue to be present.I dream every night and remember most of them some of which are premonitions which have infact happened after the dream as warnings.I am not trying to sound like a weirdo just sharing the experience.I will get the handycam out next time and capture it properly as it stays hovering for at least 30 mins.


  5. My wife and I have seen the same burning balls of light,six, decend from the west, one after another, appeared to hover over dudley area and then speed off back westward. This was xmas eve 2008, at about 21.15 hrs in the evening. Called a freind 5 miles north and he could see 8 objects in total in a line east to west between dudley and telford. They stayed around for about 15 mins until 2 shot off east at speed. During the same period, the freind noted a white glow above him and above cloud layer. No noise was heard. While he was watching the objects, he noted two red lights travelling low from the shawbury area towards objects (assumed to be helicopters). Very aviation minded, I noted no high level aircraft about for 2 hours during and after incident and nothing going in or out of B’ham airport (my arc of view is west, thru the chase, to the east). Usually very busy xmas eve. The one good thing is I got my sceptic wife to see them!
    Martn, tividale, west mids

  6. On Wednesday 8th of April I saw exactly what i’ve read here, but in Quinton as I was on my way back from work. we were in the car traveling back to Halesowen when we saw what at first we thought was a burning craft, maybe a helicopter. However it was low enough that as we went underneath it in the car I could see 6 orange burning lights which were again, nearly the exact colour as the street lights, but maybe a bit more fire-like. They ‘appeared’ to be thrusters which gave light to a larger dark circular shape which they seemed to be attatched.

    Really bizarre, wonder if they’re testing some sort of military aircrafts??

  7. I saw an orange light yesterday on the 14th February 2010 at around 9:00 I was in my Dad’s car and was driving towrds my Grandads house in Tipton, i saw it i dident have my glasses on which I need for long distance, but I saw this light I thoguth thats a very big satr, wait satrs arnt orange and that big…

    Then I thought it a plane but planes are not orange either! So I get out the car and say to my Mom whats that? She also saw it, it was oving towards the left and suddenly stopped, then went!

    Iv’e been reading a spotting on the 14th February last year (2009)

    I know what I saw I was thinkig about reporting it! But I don’t think they would believe me
    did anyone else see anything yesterday!

  8. August 29th driving up Milking Bank in Dudley and saw an orange light that looked like a star. My daughter was with me and also saw it. We pulled over and watched it, it seemed to shrink or ‘shoot’ off at speed and then just disappeared!

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