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Gosforth-18th June 2013

Location of Sighting: Gosforth
Date of Sighting: 18,06,2013
Time: 8.00am est
Witness Name: Rob

Witness Statement:myself and 2 workmates were passing Newcastle town moor in the van when in the distance we noticed a silver cylindrical object quite low and to the right of what looked like a large block of flats about a quarter mile away. as we watched it came much closer quite was now in line with the large building (flats,hospital,not sure) and was now above the building -perhaps 30-40 foot above it and slowly moving left. we all watched it in amazement. its size was a quarter of the width of the building it hovered was a silvery grey ovoid,cylinder type object. it had no discernible windows, seams etc just totally smooth,although it did look a little blurry or travelled slowly left over the building for a short while then it began to ascend quite quickly and just seemed to evaporate. ie it just was at a height of perhaps 150 foot when it vanished.quite amazing. we slowed almost to a stop to watch it. I am sure some one else other than us must of seen it. all three of us were quite shocked by what we had seen. the whole sighting probably lasted not much more than 45 seconds.


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Updated: August 20, 2013 — 9:19 pm


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  1. I’ve yet to see one of these type of UFOs myself, though for what it’s worth, I do recall meeting someone in recent years who described having seen one hovering over a Motorway (the M62, I think) as he was a passenger/driver’s mate traveling in a truck. He said it looked like a “tin of beans”, i.e. metallic and cylindrical, and was rotating and brightly reflecting light.

  2. I’ve just visited the alleged area in my car before it became dark.

    I cannot see how you could see “it was now in line with the large building (flats,hospital,not sure) and was now above the building -perhaps 30-40 foot above it and slowly moving left. we all watched it in amazement (Who was safely driving?). its size was a quarter of the width of the building it hovered over”.

    The trees along Grandstand Road would obscure this sighting and the buildings are well over a mile away even if: ” its size was a quarter of the width of the building it hovered was a silvery grey ovoid,cylinder type object. The University and RVI are big buildings.

    At 8.00am this is a very, very busy area for traffic, people walking and running on and near Newcastle Town Moor. Guess what? No one else saw it!

    Well bonny lad you can pull my leg another day!

  3. Reality or local knowledge or whatever you decide to call yourself I was wondering why you mentioned the fair in exhibition park. Every body knows (except you) this fair was held aug 9th to 18th to replace the hoppings fair which was allways held 22nd to 30th of june. Its too bad you did not do your homework m8.
    I am more than happy for you to imagine balloons or swamp gas regarding our sighting but invisible funfairs is a step too far .

  4. “your opinions are completely worthless to me and everybody else you have bothered to enlighten”

    Speak for yourself, not for others; in fact, a lot of Reality’s posts are spot on, and merely aim to point towards an ‘earthly’ explanation rather than jumping to a more spurious one. For the record, the ‘Hoppings’ – the major funfair on the Town Moor – was indeed cancelled indefinitely this year; there was, as Local Knowledge pointed out, a smaller, brief fair taking place at the allotted time. For the record, I also have ‘local knowledge’ and am a frequent traveller by bus into Newcastle.

    It’s always a concern when people get upset at the ‘debunkers’, for it shows a lack of willing to examine every possible angle; surely, if someone sees something unusual, that they cannot identify, it is a satisfying conclusion when an explanation is arrived at? Two examples: Chinese lanterns – when these first appeared they sparked a wave of UFO sightings on a grand scale, which was quickly explained (by ‘debunkers’) a satisfactory conclusion that eradicated the need to waste time investigating glowing, slow moving, orange orbs; the ISS – seen for the first time it can be very impressive, and is clearly responsible for many of the ‘lights in the sky’ sightings, and on here, when reported, it is frequently ‘debunked’ by those who recognise it. Would you rather an earthly explanation is not proffered, and that we all just go ‘wow, lights in the sky, but as I wasn’t there I can’t suggest it was the ISS’? I wouldn’t, as it would serve no purpose.

  5. Sounds like the trolls are the same person ha ha

  6. Ha ha fox mulder make up your mind.
    First of all its a ride from a non existant fair then its a balloon. You sounded like you were there .
    Now you claim it never happened.
    Mind you the lies about the fair tickled me pink and exposed you for what you are.
    Enjoy your trolling boys

  7. Thanks Steve T, your comments are appreciated. I rest my case.

  8. Rob, Steve T and I are not joined at the hip, however I welcome his comments and common sense on this site.

    Judging by your comments you sound very immature? Can you explain to me how nobody commuting into Newcastle saw this object/balloon hallucination at 8.00am in an area crammed with traffic and people on foot? You could also upload a photo of where you said you could see it from your van.

    I think you need to read Freud on projection and Oliver Sacks Hallucinations it may enlighten you.

    I rest my case, at least the comments and ping pong are not as long as the M4 Swindon sighting!

  9. Look on google maps,street view ,coming from the direction of the a167 then down grandstand road a189,aprox two thirds of the way down heading towards the kenton road turn off.Look left, the part of the moor where the sighting occurred is nuns moor (north). the large buildings i mentioned in the distance are clearly in view. I live in south shields so at the time i wasnt overly familiar with the areas place names,buildings etc as we were just driving through every morning to work.
    The building furthest away on the google maps image was the one the object was above,very low and close to the roof,seemed like it was not many feet above it.
    There were 3 people in the front of the van,i was a passenger nearest the window,we did stop the van to gawp in puzzlement then drove on for a short distance then slowed almost to a standstill to look again.
    The rvi and the university are in the opposite direction and you probably cant see them from that part of grandstand road.
    For the record I never said the buildings were the rvi or the university.
    In hindsight my description could of been more accurate.
    I thought it best to clarify things a little.

  10. Rob, despite my earlier comments, I’m impressed you came back to this after 5 years. Must have left quite an impression.

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