Greasby, Merseyside-26th March 2012

Location of Sighting: Greasby, Merseyside
Date of Sighting: 26th March 2012
Time: around 11:15pm
Witness Name: Shona

Witness Statement: It was such a clear night. I was lying looking directly into the sky, and my brother and boyfriend were sat on deck chairs. Suddenly i noticed what looked like a flock of birds. But it couldn’t of been because they were letting off a redish/ orange / yellow light. They looked further away than the moon and stars so whatever they were they were moving in space. There was about 8 making one line and 2 joining it making another smaller line, like a V shape. Like this :

‘ ‘
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The above formation was how they looked in the sky. All evenly spaced out. I have seen chinese lanterns before and they looked nothing like them. They didn’t flash like planes, they were too close together to be planes, and too high up. They just moved in a strange way it wasn’t a steady forward movement, they moved strangely, i cant explain it.


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Updated: March 28, 2012 — 9:40 pm


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  1. I think you have answered the question as to what they were yourself….a flock of birds. They don’t give off light of course, but what they do do is reflect the orange glow of street lamps very effectively, especially birds such as gulls which are white underneath. I have been caught out many times seeing what appear to be orange lights drifting through the night sky before realising they are birds reflecting the street lamp glow.

  2. I refer you to my sighting in Castleford. Constant orange colour. As a scientist, I can confirm that had this been birds, they would have reflected different amounts of light as they moved. Your sighting sounds like mine, a string in steady motion, the light CONSTANT level, and definitely not a reflection from orange street lights. Many round here in Castleford keep racing pigeons, and having seen them in flight throughout the day, their flight pattern is erratic to say the least, and this in turn would reflect different amounts of light, not a constant orange glow. In the case of me and the neighbour, these lights suddenly disappeared.

  3. I’ve seen this too and it’s a strange experience as it’s soundless and over very quickly. Also you somehow don’t expect birds to be flying around at night, and seagulls are usually so noisy.

  4. Stephen Pitchford

    I witnessed the very same thing in Warrington on 27/03 @10:30pm; 4 not too bright, constant orange lights, travelling in a steady formation for about 10-15 seconds. No noise coming from them whatsoever. They didnt appear to be that high in the sky, They then suddenly started to intertwine with one another as if dancing. That lasted for about 7 seconds. It was an exceptionally clear night and no aircraft would be allowed or even dare attempt the speeds and mounouvers i witnessed. The lights literally got smaller and vanished within 3 seconds all at the same time. I then picked my jaw up off the floor and walked away with a huuuuge excited smile on my face.

  5. i saw orange light like a bird but not a bird more like a star (4 pointed cross style) except the wing where moving in motion up and down like a bird there where many as in i could not count how many and they where evenly spaced flying in unison and the over all formation was the shape of the smaller objects and moving symetrical in unison with the smaller ones was erie they where flying up and done left and right like birds, i know these where not birds they were constant orange/ red like fire and had no sound and also where to big and perfect in form and formation to be birds this happened over camden so other people must of see this it was in march on the day of the full moon

  6. I heard a very loud squawking in the garden around 11pm. The night was cloudy. No moon visable. I went out, into my garden thinking a cat or fox had caught a bird.. Looked up into the sky, to see an orange light. Though I as watching a Chinese floating air candle thing. It went on sqwaking very loudly across the sky! It was the deffinatly orange. It passed between houses and the light didn’t go out, so it wasn’t reflecting off street lights.

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