Great Harwood, Near Blackburn-4th February 2009

Location of Sighting: Great Harwood, Near Blackburn
Date of Sighting: 4th February 2009
Time: 05.20
Witness: Mark Hardman

Witness Statement: i was driving over the moors to work at 0520 when the inside of my car was illuminated with an orange glow, i looked in my rear view window and saw what appeared to be a pale orange sphere, that appeared large in size and quite low in the sky. this was not the moon or the sun as they would not have been in this position.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. My dog that lives in an outside kennel near to the ‘moors’ and was disturbed around 0500 – 0530. However, he is a Labrador who is always hungry. Thought he was just calling/barking for his breakfast so didn’t look out the window to check it out.
    Seems I missed something..

  2. Hi,,just thought I would comment,,,,,late 2008 saw a cigar shaped object over Blackburn,,was driving from Gt harwood to work,,spotted it near the pines,,pulled up on shepards rest carpark,to try and get a pic with my camera phone,to no avail amm afraid

  3. me and my husband seen 2 orange lights in the sky on friday 27th june 2009 they were no noise cummin off them. my husband seen it the week before flying over belthorn. they kept splittin and gluiding it was very strange not a plane or the sun or moon can u expaline this????

  4. I was walking accross the imaginary moors in great harwood yesterday and was chased by a growling catwith blue beams of light comin off it !h

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