Great Staughton, Cambridgeshire-12th April 2011

Location of Sighting: Great Staughton, Cambs
Date of Sighting: April 12 1979
Time: 14.00
Witness Name: Steve

Witness Statement: I was 6 at the time but need to tell the world of our sighting as this is inprinted in our memories. we were driving home from kimbolton towards Great staughton when i saw it on the right hand side of the car over a field. it was HUGE oval in shape, grey in colour, whith what i can only describe as black square windows or panels at intervals around the middle of it. I saw it first as i was looking out the window, my dad then saw it as he was driving and it was on the right side. my mum in the passenger seat couldnt see it as she strained to look. as we watched it for felt like a few seconds we memorised clearly what it was we were looking at as it was just exceptional. All of a sudden it accelerated in a blink of an eye, so so quickly to a higher altitude where it paused for the same amount of time a milisecond then qucik as nothing ive ever seen move it was gone. I would love to hear from anyone had a close encounter like this as i thinkl if we had cameras and mobile phones back then this sighting would be one if not the proof that these things are out there and really do exsist and its something we will never ever forget.


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  1. Hi Steve, I live in north wales and back at the end of August i saw 3 dull orange orbs fly past, check out my report on here, its under clwyd i think, I have no doubt alien life is visiting

  2. Hi Liam thanks for your comment, I was scared to even mention this for years because of being made a laughing stock by narrow minded people but nowadays it seems more PC to talk about as UFO sightings are gathering pace in recent years. When you witness these type of sightings you try to analyse over and over again what it is you saw ect but at the end of the day seeing really is believing. I know time has passed since that day and people say your memory adds bits and pieces to the original but when you see something that vivid that isnt supose to exsist you remember every detail. In my opinion it wasnt some new secret plane! it was a ufo, the shape was classic ufo shape, it was long and oval and the speed in which it moved was incredible. no lights and no sound, it was a bight afternoon. One day i think everyone will know we are not alone.

  3. Hi Steve I searched for a similar object to the one that I witnessed and yours is very similar, could it be from the same origin I wonder. I witnessed it over Chislehurst 1991, It was large, oval but orange an blue, the row of widows were circular not square, perhaps a similar design by whoever made it or even that it could change in some way.

    The one I saw had a red pulsating light underneath, and was translucent it flew around like an insect, and then similarly to yours suddenly darted at a neck breaking speed from left to right and came to an abrupt stop, it then gradually became brighter until it was no longer transparent and then vanished in a flash. So it sounds similar even in its flight characteristics, so again I wonder if they come from the same source, I have had an encounter with around the same timeframe with one of the beings I feel are behind these objects and if you are interested I you can read about the encounter in my Blog. Take care, David.

  4. Hi David, good to hear someone else has experienced something like what we saw, and your sighting does sound simular, how big across do you think it was? If more people with sightings of these type of crafts can come forward, the better it would be to put the discriptions together and see if there are any regularities?

  5. Last week I was driving between Perry and Great Staughton and saw two large spherical objects fly across the road from the direction of Grafham water. They were a translucent greyish colour and seemed to “rise” up over the hedge and road…it was dark and about 7.30 pm at night. I have not mentioned this to anyone as I cannot think of any “logical” explanation ….(neither drugs or alcohol were involved…I was alone and saw no other vehicles on this stretch of country road)…interested in your comments and where in Great Staughton any previous sightings have occurred!

  6. Hi Karen, What a great sighting you had, its very brave of you to come forward and discribe what you saw. Unless we are hallucinating in the same area there is something unidetifide happening in the sky around there even now! What I can remember about my sighting is that there was no other cars on the road either. Which is frustrating as you want as many people to witness it as possible. Do you have any idea what size they were? or how fast they were traveling? and what direction they were going in? I bet you keep your eyes peeled when you next go down there at night 🙂

  7. I’ve just watched paranormal caught on camera on Blaze 8/4/20 I’ve just seen a clip of a triangular craft that acted in EXACTLY the same way as the craft I saw!!!! I’ve got goose bumps writing this. OK it was a different shape but it was day time just like mine! It moved the same kind of distance in the first move same as mine and same speed! Then it shot off at a phenomenal blink and you missed it speed just like mine! I knew what I saw was real all those years ago! They are real!

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