Great Yarmouth, Norfolk-1950s

Location of Sighting: great yarmouth, norfolk
Date of Sighting: 1950s
Witness Name: Terence boseley

Witness Statement: Sometime inthe 1950s there was a report from a gliding club in Norfolk of a boomerang shaped object flying above some airbourn members of the club. About the same time I was on the beach in great yarmouth and saw the very same thing flying very high travelling east ,the same direction reported by the glider pilots. At the hight it was it would have been enormous. Icannot find the original report which was in oneof the local Norfolk papers


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  1. The object that I saw was at a extreme height but was enormous.

  2. Report was made in a local norfolk newspaper

  3. The newspaper article of this sighting I have not been able to find but it was reported at the same day after my own sighting.

  4. I think that the newspaper report I mentioned has been supressed

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