Grimsby-8th September 2014

Location of Sighting: Grimsby
Date of Sighting: 8 September 2014
Time: 7.24pm
Witness Name: Vicki Robson

Witness Statement: I was standing alone in my back garden gazing at the sky when I noticed a black shape in the distance, it looked like it was floating, similar to how a helium balloon would look but it started twisting and turning. At first it looked triangular with a hole in the centre then it turned in to a sort of figure of 8 shape. It kept twisting and turning and changing shape. and moving very slowly across the sky keeping its height level. I watched it do this for approx 3 minutes then it hovered for a few seconds as the triangular shape before speeding off. It shot off in a straight line at great speed with a very slight incline until it was out of sight. I observe the sky most nights for approximately half an hour and this is the first time I have witnessed anything like this but I would also like to mention that during the previous 2 days I saw quite a few shooting stars in the same area as the black shape.


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Updated: September 18, 2014 — 9:08 pm


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  1. Hello I too saw a couple of black balloon like objects that seamed to have a tumbling motion go quickly over my house in cleethorpes. They flew over in a straight line about 5mins or so apart following the same track heading more or less north this happened earlier this summer on a Sunday afternoon , sorry don’t recall the date. I did consider they may have been Chinese lanterns but these moved very fast and did not show any flame .

  2. The nature of shooting stars means this object will have nothing to do them. Any perceived connection due to being in the same area is simply coincidence (n.b. you do not say if the ‘same area’ was at the start of the 3min sighting or after it ‘shot off’, but the principle is the same).

    p.s. If you spend time ‘most nights’ watching the night sky may I suggest you get some basic books on astronomy. It’s a great hobby and you are already putting the time in so you might find it rewarding to back up your observations, and better understand what you are seeing, with the relevant science, (not that, of course, your sighting is anything to do with astronomy).

  3. Wow, we have a hot spot on the East coast. How strange?

  4. Hi Vicki and Phil, I’m from the Grimsby area and have just set up a website based on UFO sightings. Im looking at arranging a meet maybe once a month to see if we can get some sightings on camera. If your interested please feel free to join the website forum or contact me at

    And anyone else is welcome to join, thanks

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