Halesowen-26th June 2010

Location of Sighting: Halesowen
Date of Sighting: 26th June 2010
Time: 21:10 to 22:10
Witness Name: Mr Clark & Family Mr & Mrs Crawford & others

Witness Statement: Date June 26th 2010
Time 21:50 to 22:50
Location N52 Degs W2Deg Halesowen B62 West Midlands
Weather Broken Light cloud Light Wind
Temp Approx 12-13 Degs
Visibility Good
Witness Statement
Mr Clark was sitting outside having a quiet drink with his parents from approx 21:30. At the approx time of 21:50 Mr Clark caught sight of three moving ball shaped objects, orange in colour, moving in the same direction from North to South with equal close distance between them travelling as he says fairly quickly then they would appear to stop or hover. A further orange ball like object joined the other three but slightly South West of the three and appeared much higher. He noted that at this point that they all suddenly via to the East and disappear over the top of the houses & only to re-appear from the Easterly Direction further south.
Witness Statement
We arrived at approx 10:00. While all this was going on my wife & I (Mr & Mrs Crawford approx 22:15) were sitting in the pub by a window facing North Easterly. My wife had been watching these orange objects moving as said at equal distances for a good 10-15 mins, pointing out ?look at those three aircraft close together I?ve watching them and they too have stopped? on turning around to look I could I.D straight away as not been aircraft lights as I work in the aircraft industry & known what aircraft lights look like at first impressions yes looked like Chinese lanterns. On going outside to view (time now 10:30) I saw the orange three objects coming from the East to westerly direction. Whilst this was taking place aircraft were on the flight path to Birmigham Airport (BHX) & surely must have seen these lights in the sky. On contacting BHX Monday morning was told of NO sightings.
The objects were of an orange steady glowing nature and moving at some speed without any noise or navigation lights at a height I would estimate at 8 to 10 thousand feet one of the objects appeared to be faster than the others sudden stop & with a reverse motion back up to the other objects the three objects stopped and appeared to hover. At this point several other people came out to view the sighting.
On talking to Mr Clark & his Mom & Dad he told me the above happening and time scale but didn?t know what is was or how to go about it. Whilst I gathered Mr Clarkes times of the event these object had disappeared from my view so unable to say in which direction or time.
My wife and I have experienced a UFO sighting back in the 70?s.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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