Hampton Hill, Middlesex-7th December 2012

Location of Sighting: Hampton Hill, Middlesex.
Date of Sighting: 07/12/2012
Time: 21:30-21:45
Witness Name: Tony

Witness Statement: My partner and I saw a pulsating white light on friday the 7th at around 21:30. We live in Hampton (SW London) and I was out in our balcony having a smoke when I noticed the strange pulsating light. I called my partner out to see it and we both watched it until it disappeared from view. It was heading NNW (South east of my location) at an elevation of around 35 degrees. It moved through a low cloud so I would estimate it’s altitude at around 1500ft. It arched over in less than 2 minutes and was totally silent. We are quite used to seeing aircraft in our area due to our close proximity with Heathrow Airport, but this thing had no normal aircraft navigation lights. The light pulsated smoothly, growing brighter and dimming every second or so and wasn’t strobing on and off.


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Updated: December 10, 2012 — 8:39 pm

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