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Hartlepool-21st November 2012

Location of Sighting: Hartlepool
Date of Sighting: 21 November 2012
Time: approx 21:30
Witness Name: G.G

Witness Statement: I was walking to a friends house when stopped in my track by something i witnessed in the sky. I was in the distance and traveling north towards me, The object had three lights of yellow/white color, they where in straight line near enough slight curve, but all defiantly belonged to the same structure. It was hard t judge the size of it but it looked HUGE! much larger than a plane would look if it was traveling at that height, . it was moving relatively slow and swerved off out of my view towards the north west.

Ive seen several unidentified flying objects i haven’t been able to explain but this one seemed mega, An instant chill went down my spine it was quite scary


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Updated: November 23, 2012 — 7:07 pm


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  1. Hi G.G,
    Please could you give us a rough idea of your perceived estimated height of this object – in feet (or metres would be okay). Many thanks –Paul

  2. Hi G.G

    I’m a UFO Investigator/Researcher based in Hartlepool I would really like to hear more about your sighting my contact details are, 07572619234


    Glen Richardson

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