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Hartlepool-5th September 2013

Location of Sighting: Hartlepool
Date of Sighting: 5/9/13
Time: 13.00
Witness Name: D.Sommer

Witness Statement: The Washington report on the 5/9/13 .Over Hartlepool not far from washington. I and others witnessed at around 13.00 A fast flying Military Helicopter in unusaual colors and follwed by a slow moving fighther jet .They seemed to be scouting for other objects . The general feel that is of the whole episode was they where searching or following something .That might tie in with the washington thing.We do not often have helis and Jet fighters so formation flyinf as I m a plane spotter by hobby maybe others can confirm or check the raf to see if their was a scramble on.


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Updated: September 9, 2013 — 9:13 pm


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  1. Hi there,

    Interesting – you say you saw was ‘a fast flying military helicopter in unusual colours’ -Very importantly, what were the colours of this helicopter?
    Firstly, and foremostly, it is very unfortunate that one cannot firmly ascertain where a certain aircraft/helicopter has originated from unless you know the particular aerodrome where they may be based!

    There are various bases up around there that may have contributed to this, including RAF RAF Shawbury & RAF Valley (Anglesey).

    Also, what was the colour of the ‘fighter jet’ as you perceived it?

    You say that you are a plane spotter (by hobby) – in theory you should be able to give a more than educated guess as to what the helicopter and/or fighter jet, might have been!

    Any other info that you may be able to provide would be very useful -Paul

  2. There have been exercises testing the radar interception at RAF Boulmer in recent weeks with jets and helicopters over the North East on a regular basis.

  3. Paul,

    Neither Shawbury nor Valley are in the region; however, RAF Dishforth is nearby and is home to military helicopters, and the fighter was likely a Typhoon from Leuchars or Coningsby as seen up here in Northumberland a lot lately.

  4. If your a plane spotter as you state you should know what they are? You have to be very careful for-mating with a chopper in a jet because of vortices.

  5. Hello my names Glen Richardson I’m a UFO investigative researcher from Hartlepool I would be very happy to look into this for you. I would like to hear more about your sighting. My new contact details are

  6. Hi SteveT,
    Yes, many thanks for that – for some unknown reason, I immediately associated Hartlepool with Liverpool(??!!!)and
    hence my response. Having looked at the map, you are indeed right – NE coast is very likely -Paul

  7. Been aerial exercises going on recently over the North Sea. No UFO involved here,Glen. Sorry.

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