Haswell Village County Durham-25th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Haswell Village County Durham
Date of Sighting: 25.10 13
Time: approx 19.00hrs
Witness Name: Audrey K

Witness Statement: It was a clear night and never before had low flying jets been over this area, looking up into the sky, behind a jet as it screamed past I noticed a large brilliant light suddenly appear from nowhere, it was stationary for a few seconds as it grew brighter like a long silver/white object it then moved fast across the sky flashing the white light every 6 seconds or so before disappearing, the jets in the mean time had gone in the opposite direction, much slower than this object.


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Updated: November 7, 2013 — 9:25 pm


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  1. Hi Audrey,
    Good observations of your’s! The previous evening (according to http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/ (RAF Leeming section), there were F-15’s doing practise dogfighting in that general area. Obviously, I was not there so I do not know – however, it may, or may not have been a continuation (the next evening) of these mil. operations!
    It is just possible that if this was the case, then one of these may just have dropped a flare (sometimes used to confuse any heat seeking missiles)in a practise effect.
    But, normally, the jets would continue faster than this flare –
    the other alternative would have to have been a practise missile!
    Also, did anyone else see this to add anything else to your sighting? -Paul

  2. A similar recent case from Suffolk was explained as a utility crew carrying out overhead line repairs. A powerful torch could well be the explanation here: or someone out lamping for rabbits? I suspect there’s a down-to-earth explanation.

  3. You have RAF Leaming just down the road from you. They carry out night flying training. You also have a civilian organisation that carries out interception training at Tees Valley Airport.

    I suggest you contact RAF Leaming ATC, they will inform you if an exercise took place on the night in question.

    If something is flashing white every six seconds, its a strobe light on an aircraft. A bright light suddenly appearing would suggest this is a Hawk with its landing lights on. It appears suddenly when its turning towards you. Or likewise disappearing, means its turning away from you.

  4. Sorry, my previous post was in the wrong thread – comment relates to the Roston, Ashbourne sighting. Doh!

  5. Weather ballon or swamp gas

  6. An aeroplane-mad friend of mine reported monitoring F15-s around the east coast on the evenings of the 23rd, 24th and 25th of October. He’s not far from you in Sedgefield.

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