Heanor, Derbyshire-Autumn 2006 (exact date not known)

Location of Sighting: Heanor, Derbyshire
Date of Sighting: Autumn 2006 (exact date not known)
Time: Approx 8.00pm
Witness Name: Tim Birkin
Witness Statement: On arriving home I got out of my car and happened to look up at the stars (clear night but stars not too bright as I lived in the centre of a town). I noticed a line of what looked like very dim stars (probably about 8-10 in total) all following each other probably at the same height as you might see a satellite moving across the sky. After watching for about 30 seconds the lights started moving into a circular pattern in a “follow my leader” pattern and were just circling around for a few minutes with no audible sound. They were very dim and didn’t seem to be in the atmosphere and if you’d not been looking purposefully at the stars and night sky you probably wouldn’t have noticed them. I’ve never seen anything like that since. They definitely were not planes and the lights were very still, not flickering, as I said looking like you might see a faint satellite moving slowly across the sky but all following in a line then moving into the circular pattern all following each other. I very often think about seeing this and to this day haven’t a clue what the objects were.


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