Hemsby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk-4th September 2010

Location of Sighting: Hemsby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Date of Sighting: 4th Sept 2010
Time: 21.00
Witness Name: Peter WA Robinson

Witness Statement: I was staying at my mobile home in Hemsby for the weekend of 4/5th Sept. The evening was calm and dry with some clouds in the sky. At approx 9pm I went out onto my veranda and immediately saw in the sky an orange ball of fire. I immediately thought it was an aircraft with an engine on fire. It was high up but just below the cloud base but it certainly gave the impression that flames were present. Hard to estimate the speed but from an estimation of the altitude similar speed to an aircraft. It was moving from the direction of the sea(east) in a westerly direction and was at an elevation of approx. 80 degrees from where I was. There was no noise being omitted and remained in sight for at least 1.5 minutes until it was just a pin point in the sky. I cannot understand what it was I was looking at but feel that it must have been seen by other people. I have good eye sight even though I am in my 60’s. I have never seen anything like this before and am extremely impressed but very puzzled.

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. My wide and I have just seen an orange flame like ball in the sky. either a plane on fire or blazing meteor. looked like a small lamp / flame in the distance. Was spotted in Leicester (approaching from westerly direction) at 2:37am

    I would like to know what I saw and if anyone else saw the same thing.

  2. I was in hemsby in a caravan a week before, and i had seen many chinese lanterns late in the evening, there is a shop near by selling them cheap.
    I think this is what you saw.

  3. Last year & this year I have seen twice red lights that start off as a small red dot in the sky ,as it got closer it got bigger & bigger quite bright no noise lower than a helicopter, it holted for at least 2 minutes and then started to go backward until it was like a small dot again heading towards the sea ,we are about 2 miles from the sea this was about 7.45pm in the evening a very clear night,as we live in a country village we have no street light out here so I had a very clear view of this object ,at the time I was out side with my daughter in-law who was having a ciggy ,she was so taken back by this! she ran indoors,
    this was Oct 2009 the first sighting was in the same direction coming from the east.
    What ever this was: it was being controlled it was not a lantern.
    This year there has been sightings all over norfolk & suffolk.
    What are these lights ? they are always either heading for the sea or coming from the sea direction, either red or white or orange.
    Moving at a slow or fast speed or stopping and shooting upwards at a speed faster than any plane we have.

  4. Friday 8th Sept. 2010 approx 8.30 pm – 21.00 my husband and I were sitting in our garden stargazing, we both have the same interest. We also spotted what looked like a ball of yellow fire with an orange flaring glow above it. We tried to identify if it was an object or some kind of stella activity. When we saw it, it didn’t move it stayed in the same position for 20 to 30 mins, disappearing and re-appearing as light clouds passed. This was not a chinese lantern, the only logical explanation I can think of is that it was a solar flare but not 100% sure as we are not experts, we just love the night sky. Google Solar Flare and see if it makes sense. Happy star gazing 🙂

  5. Over recent months, there seems to have been much activity in the skies over the UK especially Norfolk and East Yorkshire Coastline.
    It would be foolish of me to believe that we are the only life forms in existence.
    I have seen many Chinese lanterns in the night sky and once you have seen one or two, they have a characteristic glow and movement about them them.
    There are also helicopters flying in and out from Oil and Gas Platforms, To and from the heliports at Caister, and Norwich airport.
    One day someone will film these sightings with a good quality camera. Until that day just keep looking and reporting where you see your sighting.

  6. November 2010 around the 6th Costessey Norfolk, Orange lights flying in formation making no sound.

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