High speed white light – Banbury – 18th February 2017

Location of Sighting: Banbury, UK
Date of Sighting: 18/02/2017
Time: 1830
Witness Name: Brett
Witness Statement: February 18th 2017 – Banbury, North Oxfordshire, UK – 1830hrs – Heading North across CAVOK sky – Extremely high speed approx 4-5 x speed of a routine satellite – Approx 10 x diameter of a normal satellite and much larger than the ISS which does not orbit in that direction – No NAV lights or anti -collision beacon – Completely silent and altitude difficult to ascertain due to the speed and dimness of this very large craft but was at extreme height. It appeared to be generating its own light, however it seemed to be luminescent white. At first glimpse I thought satellite but after the analysis I’ve reported it is one possibility ruled out. It was definitely no aeroplane – It would have been easily Hypersonic with complete silent ability and generating no shock wave or sonic boom – No conventional lighting in operation.

Sighting was visible for around 40 seconds. All stars were visible and bright.

A good UFO sighting! My first of 2017.


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Updated: February 20, 2017 — 9:03 pm


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  1. CAVOK sky?????

  2. Seen similar this evening got on film when magnified it appears disk shaped tipped at a right angle in the eastern sky away from air corridors of civilian or military.
    And as it wasn’t moving but flashing in what were certainly timed pulses it was noticeable clearly on the photo the stars around it were very much dimmer.
    And as you say this object was at extreme altitude and must be very large indeed.
    If it’s ours we are not being told.
    If it is from elsewhere and it coincides with other recent sightings something is up.

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