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High Woolaston, Forest of Dean-3rd September 2013

Location of Sighting: High Woolaston, Forest of Dean
Date of Sighting: 03/09/2013
Time: 22:45
Witness Name: Matt

Witness Statement:I was called outside by my mother and father to have a look at a flashing light travel through the sky at an incredible speed. The lights flashed fast in sequence and flew over the River Severn towards Stroud/Gloucester. Then after appearing still for a short period of time the lights just suddenly disappeared!


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Updated: September 4, 2013 — 9:27 pm


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  1. Hi Matt.
    Interesting – what colour were the flashing lights and did you hear any noise at all? -Paul

  2. Sounds like some low flying military aircraft to me, which is what Paul is trying to say I think.

  3. Perhaps anti collision and navigation lights on a high flying aircraft going behind cloud?

  4. Seen same thing last night in bournville, Birmingham, West Midlands seen two one after the other they were about three minutes apart and no sound at all , I have a lot of clear sky out the back garden and last night I could see the stars there was no cloud then this big bright sparkling star like craft moving slowly moving over the houses, then another one following, reported it straight away so you are not the only ones seeing these my eldest son seen the same a few weeks ago in cotteridge, West Midlands .

  5. Hi Gary,
    Yes, exactly so mate!! -Paul

  6. Crissy, we’ve had Brown Ale brewery, Horlicks factory and now these sneaky aliens are over Bournville at the Cadbury factory. I bet they were playing around with the recipe for Cadbury Milk Chocolate – it simply does not taste the same. Who else thinks the taste has changed?

    Who did you report this to?

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