Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire-15th November 2014

Location of Sighting: Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 15/11/2014
Time: Approx 21.45
Witness Name: Samantha and Pat Taylor

Witness Statement: I was stood with my mother in law on her back yard while she smoked a cigarrette and I literally just said how I love looking at the stars. Then this light, about the size of a star appeared, and went across the sky really, REALLY fast. We watched it travel from our left, all the way across the sky to our right until we couldn’t see any further. I’d say we saw it for at least 10 seconds. The speed of it was unbelievable, as fast as jets I’ve seen before if not faster. There was no noise, no flashing lights. It wasn’t a shooting star/meteor, I’ve seen loafs of those and actively follow meteor watches and this was unlike anything I’ve seen. It didn’t leave a trail and was far too fast for a plane. We watched it go right across the sky then lost it. I just can’t think of an explanation for what we saw. It’s the sheer speed that is confusing me!


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Updated: November 18, 2014 — 10:52 pm


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  1. Whereabouts were you in Hillsborough to witness this? Loads of light pollution there, so to see anything with any clarity for any length of time would be difficult.

  2. Sounds like the international space station. You can get an app on your smart phone for tracking it. Comes over a couple of times a night. Looks just as you described.

  3. ithink what you saw was a satalight orbiting around the earth, if you had looked the next night at about the same time you would have seen it again.

  4. summer of 2013, on the east coast of the United States,..Rhode Island to be exact. I saw two stars of the same nature….stationary and static to each other. One seemed to gain intensity in brightness and then the both of them split in opposite directions, faster than any speed I have seen. I was military aircrew in the USMC, so I know my military aircraft and approximate air speeds. these were cooking off at well over 1800 km per hour by my guess. Anyway, a friend also witnessed this event with me when I pointed out the change of brightness of the star.

  5. Sounds to me like you witnessed the ISS (international space station). Although at that time the ISS was over eastern Russia at the time.

  6. Any chance what you were witnessing were satellites ??

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