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Hinton Charterhouse near Bath and Cley Hill of Wiltshire-24th August 2016

Location of Sighting: Bath
Date of Sighting: 24/08/2010
Time: 0400
Witness Name: Bradleigh Cornish

Witness Statement: I witnessed a UFO sighting in the summer of 2010 in Hinton Charterhouse near Bath and Cley Hill of Wiltshire. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photographs as I was really shocked of what I witnessed me and my father stared at it. It was around 4am and we
were driving back from the hospital when we witnessed a disc shaped object of about 20 meters in diameter hovering about 15 meters from the ground in a field. We got out of my dad’s work van and got on top of it to look over the bush. It had writing like egyptian writing around the side with lights of all colours circling it. It was a grey disc and had a multi-coloured aura underneath the craft. It had a semi-circular window on the top that we could not see through. We stared at it for about 30 seconds when it started to rotate whilst hovering very strangely and then all of a sudden it shoots towards Cley Hill area. It left a trail of smoke or steam and a second later, the smoke or steam pulsated and followed the UFO. We got back into the van and neither me or my dad spoke to each other but he was shaking a lot. In the morning I thought it was a dream and i phoned my dad to tell him and he said it was real and he didn’t sleep all night. I done some research on UFO’s sightings in the area and I found out that Cley Hill is a hotspot for some reason.


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Updated: August 15, 2016 — 7:42 pm


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  1. What a pity you have no photographic evidence as this is pretty much a generic flying saucer from the pages of a sci-fi magazine. Can your Dad verify your account? Did you report it? 6 years sitting on an extraordinary CE of the 2nd kind which just happens to have been at a UFO hotspot? Pull the other one.

  2. Hi Gary,

    It’s “not a pity” Gary because even if Bradleigh had a photograph of the object and his Dad was to verify the sighting you’ll just say the photo is a fake & Bradleigh’s Dad’s a liar as well!.

    Can you imagine going to a police station to report a UFO. “er, I’d like to report a UFO officer”. “OK, what was it like”, “well, it was round and had these flashing lights on it”.”OK son, move along now”!.

    Watch out future posters of UFO seen around ‘hotspots’, Gary will shoot you down in skeptical flames!!.

  3. With respect, Chris,I would say Gary has a right to be sceptical in this instance. The report is fantastical, to say the least, as I’m sure you agree. That doesn’t, however, mean it is false. For the record, I would certainly have reported it; it always baffles me that people are more than happy to report, say, the theft of a lawnmower from a garden shed, but not a sighting of an apparent alien craft.

  4. Gary is always sceptical. I reckon he makes a living out of it. Steve would have reported it, to whom a policeman? What would he do chase it with a blue light? Come on, there`s no-one to report to.

  5. Hi Steve,

    It wouldn’t be an untruth to say Gary is Skeptical on every occasion!.

    You can touch a lawnmower, you could take a picture of one, and show it to anyone and they will agree with you that that is indeed a lawnmower!, but the same doesn’t logic apply to a picture of a UFO because of a persons ‘world view’, ‘they can’t get here because of the distances involved’ ect.

    Of course I understand people will say, ‘show me the evidence’, and I would say there are thousand of pictures of UFO’s, take George Adam ski’s pictures for instance, and immediately derision, ridicule, denial, and every other negative emotion kicks in. Once man thought the world was flat, or you couldn’t break the sound barrier, but, now we understand and know that was just man being ignorant.

    Wheather someone reports a sighting or not cannot ‘add any weight’ to the
    (alleged) sighting because unlike the lawnmower it’s impossible to verify
    an (alleged) picture of a UFO and it’s ‘authenticity’.

  6. I agree re: Gary’s scepticism, was merely pointing out that, in this case, I can see why he is so. As for who to report it to, yes, a policeman! Why wouldn’t you? I simply don’t understand the problem of reporting suspicious sightings – and let’s face it, unidentified flying objects in our busy airspace are certainly that! As for Chris’s comment about man ‘being ignorant’, that’s not so at all; man simply did not have the tools or knowledge to know that the world was not flat, and I’m not sure that there was not a belief we could break the sound barrier before we had the equipment able to do it! As for Adamski, you know my feelings on those pictures!

  7. It’s an outlandish account, whichever way you look at it. You say sceptic, I say realist. Guilty as charged 🙂

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