Hovering Rectangular Object-Barnsley-11th August 2020

Location Of Sighting :
Barnsley Area
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Robert Wild
Witness Statement
I was driving home from Sheffield to Barnsley to my Grandads Chip & fish shop when I noticed 5 yellow lights clustered above Chapeltown. I pulled over to see a rectangular, almost microwave looking shape. The lights remained constant and did not flash. It hovered for almost 30 seconds before shooting vertical and into the cloud cover. I have heard since a Policewoman also saw the same…
Updated: October 12, 2020 — 8:15 pm

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  1. Hi Bob, i was also in Chapeltown around that date, at the Thornecliffe duck pond, i was walking through with a friend after the pub and witnessed a similar event. Same boxed shape, that sped upward out of site (visibility was poor due to the moist conditions). i believe the policewoman appeared in the local paper. Not sure about a “Chip and Fish” shop though?

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