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Hovering Yellow Lights-Bushey, Hertfordshire-6th October 2017

Location of Sighting: Bushey, Hertfordshire
Date of Sighting: 06,10,2017
Time: Around 20.00
Witness Name: Robert
Witness Statement: Strange lights hovering outside my house.
It looked like two different UFO’s.
The Blue light moved all over the sky, quicker than any human aircraft.
The yellowish lights showed up in in the same area and then just vanished a minute later. It was too dark to tell if it was three UFO’s or one big UFO.
No sound were coming from these UFO’s.



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Updated: October 16, 2017 — 5:29 pm


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  1. Somebody having fun with drones, perhaps? Or, to satisfy those who don’t like possible earthly explanations, aliens?

  2. Hi Robert,

    Great sighting, thanks for sharing!. Could you say how the blue light maneuvered around the sky!.

    Hi Steve,

    Even though Robert states:’The Blue light moved all over the sky, quicker than any human aircraft’. Could I ask you if you have observed a ‘drone’ that displays those characteristics as observed by Robert?.

    If one looks at the lower set of the two photographs, we can see
    that there is a imperfect circle of white/cream light, & if you copy or enlarge the image, you can see through the ‘UFO’ and see the night sky through it, giving it a cylindrical look!. This is true of both sets of photographs, but, is clearer in the 2nd set of photo’s.

    Therefore I have grave doubts about your ‘drone theory’!

  3. I have no doubts about my drone theory Chris. They are everywhere. You can’t see through the craft at all, you can likely see through the light it emits. Also, it was moving, and this is a still image, so you will have some movement captured at least. How does Robert know it moved ‘quicker than any human aircraft’? Was he measuring its speed, accurately? Have you watched drones, those that people fly that can do all sorts of flips, drops, side to side movements, covered in lights? They look like they are moving very, very fast indeed. Just as chinese lanterns spurned the old orange balls in the sky flap, so last year and this sees blue, yellow, green red lid lights doing all sorts of amazing things, and – just as described hear – disappearing after a short time.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Of course you don’t have any doubts about your ‘Drone theory’!.

    We have to remember that lights of all the above listed colours have been observed way before the Chinese lantern & lately the
    Drone to attempt to ‘explain’ what might have been seen!.

    It’s a bit ironic than you denounce Robert’s description of
    the speed of the object & then proceed to inform us that Drones are ‘very fast indeed’!.

    With regard the two sets of photographs supplied by Robert, you say that this is an image from a moving object, that’s a presumption Steve, it may be that the ‘Drone’ was immobile!.

    I find it strange that if as you say these Drones are ‘covered in lights’, blue, red, green, how is it that none of those colours are seen, just an imperfect circle of white/cream lights?.

  5. All good questions, Chris! What’s your explanation? You’re very quick to leap on every one of my possible suggestions – no matter how mundane, but never offer your own? Why not? To me, the purpose of a site like this is to read other people’s accounts in search of those that do not have possible rational explanations: most do – lights in the sky are there in their thousands, all the time, and we both know that. What is your purpose in coming here? To read every account and believe it is something extraordinary? Go on, be bold: offer us your opinion of what is going on here. The thing is, and I know you are well-read on your UFO’s and stuff (and respect for that) you miss the good old question number one from our friend Hynek, when considering reports of Unidentified Flying Objects, which was (and is) ‘Unidentified to whom’?

  6. “It’s a bit ironic than you denounce Robert’s description of
    the speed of the object & then proceed to inform us that Drones are ‘very fast indeed’!.”

    Forgot to add: that’s not what I said at all; what I said was ‘They look like they are moving very, very fast indeed.'(they’re not, in fact). This was in conjunction with questioning how Robert knew the craft moved ‘quicker than any human aircraft’ (perhaps it wasn’t, see drones, above). You do see the relevance?

  7. Hi Steve,

    As I’ve said before, I don’t have an ‘explanation’ for what is being observed. I disagree with your ‘Drone’ theory not only because of the photo’s, but mainly because ‘lights’ have
    been observed in all the colors of the rainbow even before Chinese lanterns.

    I’m not looking for the ‘extraordinary’ in each & every sighting, I’m not looking for the ‘mundane explanation’, I’m looking for a reasonable explanation, and your Drone theory doesn’t sit comfortably in my mind.

    You say these Drones are ‘everywhere’, (& you always use vast (unverified) numbers to bring weight to your argument!) & a check online shows the Drones can fly circa 40 mph (some faster) so, operators of the Drones need to be in wide open spaces to keep it in view, you know how quick a pigeon can disappear over the rooftops & out of sight, so you say they are ‘everywhere’, but I’ve only seen them on TV, & what a noise they make!!.

    Would you agree with me that some Drones are fitted with l.e.d. lights?, if you do then would you be kind enough to advise me as to how in Robert’s lower photo there is this imperfect circle of
    creamy/white light showing in the lower & upper ‘Drone’, and how an l.e.d. light makes this imperfect circle, not to mention that I can see through the Drone to the night sky behind it giving it a cylindrical effect!.

    Regarding our dear friend Alan Hynek. Was employed by the USAF, worked on Project Blue Book as a ‘debunker’, then ‘changed his glasses’ as he said, & became a ‘believer’!.

  8. “& what a noise they make!!.”

    No, they don’t.

    You say you’re not looking for either the extraordinary, or the mundane, yet you find the ordinary – lights in the sky – extraordinary, or ‘very strange’ as you commented. This is what interests me about your comments. I’d really like to know what it is you think is going on, so I’ll pitch in with Alan’s leading questions approach: do you think we are being visited by aliens? Are these lights and other sightings natural phenomena? Are they the result of secret projects? Or are they mostly explained as ordinary objects that the observer cannot identify? Surely one fits your bill? I’ve given my stance, why can’t you give yours?

  9. “Regarding our dear friend Alan Hynek. Was employed by the USAF, worked on Project Blue Book as a ‘debunker’, then ‘changed his glasses’ as he said, & became a ‘believer’!.”

    Interesting comment; Hynek ‘became a believer’ in the fact that some of the many thousands of reports he and others analysed were difficult to explain in rational terms, and that it was entirely possible that other forms of advanced life existed. He didn’t become a believer that we were being visited by aliens. His position was, once he shed the shackles of the USAF PR department, one of scientific interest, and his opinions entirely plausible and understandable. As in, some sightings cannot be easily explained; it IS possible there is life elsewhere; we may be being visited by advanced craft from other worlds. I agree with him on all points but, like him, can’t conclude anything concrete. Hynek was one of the more credible of ‘ufologists’, for want of a better word, as – having had access to a wealth of information that most did not – he still kept that open mind you’re fond of mentioning, in that while he accepted there was something unusual in some of the cases, he also accepted that many – indeed most – were explicable.

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