Location of Sighting: Hucknall
Date of Sighting: 1978
Time: 12.00
Witness Name: D Henson

Witness Statement:I have decided to let a site know about my sighting. I was around 8 or 9 and was living in Hucknall a small town in Nottingham. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in our living room playing while my dad watched grandstand. Our window had no net curtains and my dad was laying on the sofa looking towards the window. I don’t know the exact time, but it was defiantly a Saturday around lunch time and I think it was late summer. As I played something dropped out of the clouds or sky and flew directly over our house. Both myself and my farther ran to the window and then I proceeded to run after my dad who got to the rear garden in record time. I remember looking up for this craft/ object/ unknown plane whatever it may have been. But the oddest thing is I remember the day like yesterday and there was no noise. No engine sound, no rumble, no smoke or jet tail. I remember the craft being almost a round fronted shape like today’s stealth bombers, it wasn’t a disc, or cigar shape. What stands out also was the orange colour. It was either an orange craft or the light was orange. It was big enough to be seen by both myself and my dad at the same time. We still to this day talk about it and what it may have been. All I know is that something that day dropped out the sky, flew over our house and had no sound what so ever. It will always be with me, and I’m glad we witnessed it together at the same time. Hope this may help in some way.


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  1. Oh dear Lord. I’m sorry but the word is definitely not defiantly!!! As for the rest it is DEFINITELY a load of codswallop, young man.

  2. If it was orange in color it could have been a Jindivick remote controlled drone that the RAF used as a target. It’s possible that they had these at Hucknall. In fact if memory serves me right I believe that one crashed at Hucknall during the late 70’s. Some searching on the net may bring further light.

  3. Hi there,
    Firstly, (with no disrespect to youself or your sighting), I would inform you that ‘stealth bombers’ do not have rounded noses, – all of them (as far as I am aware!) are sharp nosed aircraft, often in the shape of an acute and sharply angled ‘boomerang’.
    I realise that you very young at the time(and you probably wouldn’t be fully aware of all of the details, – you rule out all of the usual shapes – a cigar or disc shape for instance, so what was the exact shape in your opinion?
    This is, indeed, a very strange one! -Paul

  4. Another post of verbal diarrhea by the wise one,what is your evidence Gary that D.Henson’s post is a load of codswallop,were you there to witness this event? why do you call these people liars and discourage them from posting?why do you bother posting such attacks on posters? oh I forgot you are the wise one old man.

  5. I speak as I find mak. If I suspect that the poster is not telling the truth, I will say so. If you want to blindly believe everything you read, then go ahead, but please don’t tell me what I can and cannot say. If the moderator doesn’t like it then they will not print it. I am sick and tired of people not knowing the difference between defiantly and definitely. If you can’t spell it, use something like without doubt!Ah, that’s better.

  6. Incidentally, the word you’re looking for is diarrhoea ???? If you’re going to insult me, please spell it right.

  7. Paul the B2 is not sharped nosed, its more rounded.

  8. Hi Reality,
    Thanks for that – I must explain that my knowledge of stealth type aircraft is fairly limited!! -Paul

  9. Dear Garry, your comment about the details being “codswallop” are just typical of someone who has not had a sighting in their entire life. You sound just like my husband who wouldn’t believe the things I saw unless they came down and tapped him on the shoulder and said BOO, Rachel

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