Huge Triangular Craft -Peterborough , Cambridgeshire-20th October 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Peterborough , Cambridgeshire
Date Of Sighting :
20th October 2019
Witness Name:
Martin B
Witness Statement

My friend and myself seen this over our estate in Peterborough cambs, I seen the yellow lights coming over the horizon, thought at first it could be the police helicopter, when it got closer my friend John saw it was triangle in shape and as it approached towards us it was indeed triangular with the bottom of it totally yellow lights, it was no more that 500ft above us and it was completely silent, it was huge and a clear night no clouds not even drizzle.
I panicked a bit and was going to video it but I couldn’t find it on my phone so I took those photos, what was really weird as this thing was right above me and I had it right on my camera but when I took the photo’s although the thing was there I got those strange lights, no idea why just a strange experience, in the past I used to scoff at these things but what we seen was either out of this world or the military have stuff that no one knows about, how something that big can be silent is incredible.

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  1. Hi Martin, Very interested in your photo and post.I was on holiday in Ely (11th Oct )not long before you saw this craft and had similar experience.I too initially thought I was hearing a helicopter looked outside house and saw a black rectangular craft with a base covered in multiple small lights. It was very close to the house but didn’t get a photo as apart from the fact I was in a state of disbelief my phone was on charge !! Very glad you at least got something of this odd craft on record.

  2. “how something that big can be silent is incredible”

    Ever seen a balloon? Your pictures are ridiculous. I don’t believe a word of this.

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