Huntingdon-18th August 2012

Location of Sighting: Huntingdon
Date of Sighting: 18/8/2012
Time: 1pm
Witness Name: Graham Ellis

Witness Statement: I was attending a cat show,i had walked to the river to take photos on my way back to the cat show venue,i saw above the trees lining the back of the cat venue field a black object above the trees as i had my camera i quickly got a photo before it disappeared from view,i think it must have been near or above the river as it was in the direction it lay form where i saw it, i have sent in the photo to you, via the video link. Graham


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Updated: November 12, 2012 — 9:00 pm


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  1. Hi Cosmic Tramp,

    If i understand your post corectly,i thought by “typical” UFO photo standards,my fairly new camera had captured the event,more or less in focus,the only shame being, as stated before here, that i wasnt able because of lack of time to avail myself (and us) of the remaining 200mm of telephoto not used,( i took the photo i did how i did, because i wanted to show scale and position and a idea of size ) in a perfect world i would have had time for a second shot giving us a closer ( in focus !?) shot by vertue of the framed object (UFO ? ) being more or less full frame ISH ! without the need to enlarge post shot,thereby hopefully giving more detail. the moral and my point is,when something like this happens to YOU ! just getting a shot ANY shot may be a wonder let alone a focused one ! Graham

  2. Actually Graham, I agree with you completely. Your photo is one of the best I’ve seen, hence why I was able to take a judgment on it so quickly. I also agree with you about taking a photo of a sighting. I’m hopeless at photographing ‘planes in flight at airshows; God knows how I’d be, if I was trying to photograph something in a state of shock and awe. Although with the size of some documented on here, even I might have a chance 😉

  3. im sorry but i dont think its a bin bag either my parents, both who are complete non believers saw something like this in lincolnshire, they do have video but am unsure how to get it on here, it was silent and was travelling into the wind, my dad is ex army and even he says he has seen many things but never anything like that

  4. Ms Bishop,
    Please if you read this,could you attach the said Parents video to myself at
    i would then make sure it appears on site.


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