Idle Bradford-14th April 2012

Location of Sighting: Idle Bradford
Date of Sighting: 14th April 2012
Time: 9.05pm
Witness Name: Sean

Witness Statement: I was looking from the Coniston Public House towards Calverley woods in the distance there was two lights which was stationery for about 10mins which i took for a plane, going into Leeds Bradford Airport until it moved & turned towards Thackley – Shipley thats when i noticed it was triangle shaped with a red light in the centre, the thing is it was flying low so somebody else must have seen it because it was the size of a passenger plane.


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Updated: April 26, 2012 — 9:38 pm


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  1. I too saw an object in the sky over the baildon saltaire area on the 15th at approximately 21.45. I posted to this site but it has not been published. This was a glowing object following what appeared to be a trjectory, orbiting a few time and some times dissapearing from view before returing. I was viewing it from a window, which I opened and could not hear any sound. I would say it was not quite as high as the stars, but too high to be a helicopter. It appeared to have a flame like arrangement at what appeared to be the behind and at some angles appeared to have star like white projections – maybe front end.

  2. please see my report in huddersfield on 14th of april, quite a few sightings of this now. very strange

  3. mulders apprentice

    i have seen something like this over the south wales valleys a few times in recent years, large triangle shaped craft, white light at the front, bright red light in the centre and very dim coloured lights on the tips, i have seen it stop and remain stationary and then change direction.

  4. The authorities know all about these crafts. Too many people have sighted them now. Most sightings are followed by fighter jets, or helicopters chasing them. So whats going on out there ?

  5. Yeah heard about triangles been seen with fighter jets & helicopters same in USA could be airforce testing something when I look at the things I have seen large triangle & a small one which I seen a few times which looks like a Wedge shape Dortio chip first sighting, was 1994 so if it is mil its not new. But RAF Leeming is nearest base from me then ya got Conningsby, but I think some of these things are coming out of BAE Warton, & BAE Samlesbury which have built Taranis, Nightjar, & Halo which are all triangle but some could be yank things they are testing there one called Tr3B was seen a Donna Nook & a bigger triangle to the small one i have seen, was seen landing at Farnborough at nite.

  6. It doesn’t make sense that these black triangle craft are some sort of secret military planes. They have been sighted since at least early 90’s, so would they STILL be testing them after 20 years? Would they choose to test fly such top secret military aircraft over densely populated residential urban areas? Some reports describe seemingly impossible flight characteristics, can any military jet fly in silence? or hover silently in mid-air? or fly at very slow speeds at very low altitude?

    I don’t know what it was you saw Sean, but I can confirm that there are some strange things in the skies over the Bradford area, as I have also seen things I can’t explain (not black triangles in my case).

  7. The black triangle does exist.I saw it earlier this year above Stirling. It is massive, silent and the arrangement of lights as described here is consistent with 99% of sighting accounts. I do not believe that these accounts are fictitious or from people who are jumpimg on the bandwagon out of boredom. Seeing one of these craft is a frightening and highly distressing occurrence for most people. Who would want to put themselves through that experience ? Finally, despite its massive size, this craft vanished suddenly and it was only a half mile from me and previously extremely visible. In my opinion, not even the most advanced terrestrial stealth craft has that capability, as yet.If they do, why do they not remain hidden all the time ? Why make yourself visible at low levels over densely populated areas ? I would say this indicates a total lack of fear of being spotted, which is the exact opposite of the purpose of our stealth craft.

  8. Yes ya got a point on why would they test something secret over a residential area but if you did not know about triangle aircraft or uav you would think you where seeing a ufo. I agree a lot of these orange lights that shoot of could be alien but things like that have been seen near airforce test sights yank & ours but myself & my father have seen a lot of strange things over the years just looking at the sky & yep not all of them are military just wish I had a vid cam when ya see something

  9. Click on this link photograph was taken in uk similar to small triangle I saw.

  10. Well mate sent me a image of Tr3B aircraft which looks similar to the small traingle i have seen dont know about the large one though I saw at Idle & dont know why if the small one is a Tr3b why its flying over Bradford unless us & the yanks are testing it & where building something similar?

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