Indian Ocean – December 4th 2013

Location: Indian Ocean
Date: December 4th 2013
Time: 5:02:38am

Shutter speed: 1/800
Resolution: 4608×3456
Camera Model: Coolpix P510

Description of events:

I was just setting up my camera after arriving in the Maldives. Changing shutter speeds, colours and detail.

Just noticed this in one of my pictures. Did not see it on the view finder or with my own eyes at the time of taking. Was silent too. Though the weather cleared up very quickly after this picture.

I have submitted the original and enhanced picture.

After looking at the pictures and enhanced image, it would seem that the craft is mirrored on all sides.

Object appears twice due to anti static snap feature. Laces two images on top of one another to increase quality. This is done in quick succession.

image (3)

image (4)


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Updated: April 8, 2014 — 8:13 pm


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  1. That looks like an out-of-focus bird or insect to me.

  2. Wow! You’ll really get them going with this one. Insects or particles on the lens?

  3. Err, what am I looking at??

  4. If you didn’t see it at the time, it’s highly likely it was a bird passing across close to the lens. The blurriness clinches it for me.

  5. I can see wings on the bird. Amazing how UFO’s can now morph, re that guy alderley on another sighting. Cool man.

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