Inexplicable Light-Kepwick Bank, Thirsk-1996

Location Of Sighting :
Kepwick Bank, Thirsk
Date Of Sighting :
early hours
Witness Name:
David J J
Witness Statement
On a camping trip in the hills above Thirsk in 1996 or 97 my brother and I were asleep in our tent in a small hollow at the top of Kepwick Bank. I was awoken by what I thought was daylight. There was no noise, no wind and nothing unusual so, thinking it was the early hours I went back to sleep.
Later I awoke again but now it was pitch dark again. Thinking I had perhaps dreamt the light I again went back to sleep. I never mentioned it at the time dismissing it as my imagination.
Jump about ten years ahead and I was having a family Sunday lunch and I happened to begin to mention I had an odd experience whilst camping at Kepwick. Before I had chance to go into detail, my brother instantly commented that he had awoken to what seemed like daylight only to fall asleep and awake later to total darkness. He could not have had any idea what I was about to say.
The absence of engine noise or any other factors eliminated the presence of aircraft or ‘lampers’ – people using 4x4s fitted with high power lights to hunt animals. I believe that we were witness to something inexplicable.

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  1. This is an interesting one. How long did the light last? Lampers, incidentally, often walk a long way from their vehicles carrying bright lights.

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