Intelligently Controlled Orange Sphere-Belfast, Northern Ireland-December 2012

Location Of Sighting :
Date Of Sighting :
December 2012
Witness Name:
Simon C
Witness Statement
While walking home. I was in a narrow residential street. I was walking away from where the object appeared. I don’t know why but I looked behind me only to see a yellow/orange ball come over the roof top behind me. It was completely silent. Come down to eye/ chest level approximately 10 to twelve foot from where I was standing. And stay there for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Then start going again at 90 degree angle to which it had arrive and proceed down the street at the same height but rising and coming back down to the same level. Every time it reached an obsticle cars bushes trees etc. The street was split in two by a line off trees and bushes so u could not drive the full length of the street. But could enter from both ends. Then go over the roof of the houses at the far end off the street and disappear. The object was a perfect sphere about two to three foot in diameter appeared to be smooth and close up it looked to be yellow white and orange in colour. But the colour wasn’t solid. And all the colours seemed to be merging and inter mingling with each other. And where all extremely bright like the sun but not blinding. I could look rite at it. And I’m convinced it was intelligent because of how it moved and most importantly how it acted. It was like it wanted to stop next to me so it could check me out. I’m sorry its took me so long to say anything to anyone. But for a long time I doubted my self. In fact I still do slightly. I’ve tried looking at pictures off foo fighters on the Internet as that phenomion seems to be closes to what I seen. But all the pics seem to be far away. Basically why I am writing this now is because I want to know if other people have had the same close up experience or how common it is. I’ve never seen anything like this before or since. Thank you…. Simon

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