Ipswich, Suffolk-12th October 2013

Location of Sighting: Ipswich, Suffolk
Date of Sighting: 12.10.2013
Time: 21:00
Witness Name: Brooksy

Witness Statement: Five maybe six white arrow shaped lights circling and dancing in the sky, no beam from the ground, above the clouds, repeating the same pattern over and over…we watched for an hour and they are still occurring and they have moved about 500 metres a long in the sky which shows no sign of it being ground work. No noise just eerie shadow like.


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Updated: October 16, 2013 — 9:13 pm


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  1. Are you still watching? Complete twaddle. Verify please with footage.

  2. You are so right Reality – it sounds just like a laser show (or probably the planet Venus).

    Thats its not on video proves its all rubbish – i agree Gary.

    Another silly attempt to fool those of us with an interest in this subject.

    Unless of course you are the 2 talking nonsense

  3. no noise, dancing lights, seen for an hour; lasers

  4. @ Alderley

    How, pray tell, can 5 or 6 arrow-shaped lights be the planet Venus????

    Sounds like you’re talking nonsense!

  5. Does it or does it not sound like lasers, Alderley? You are excellent at pointing out the error of our sceptical ways, but seem unable to come up with anything else. You have an interest, so what do you think this sighting is? Care to enlighten us? 10/10 for sarcasm, 0/10 for individual thought. Aliens indulging in a light show? Yes, very likely.

  6. Read this very carefully Alderley – or your other name!

    We have major military bases in this area. Do you really, really think that the RAF would not have the QRA from one of the bases to investigate?

    We still have problems with our Russia friends in the North Sea; and our religious friends, who if they had a bucket of instant sunshine would wipe us all out.

    Lets cut the nonsense and live in the real world please!

  7. T., he’s being sarcastic towards me. Worry not 🙂

  8. Gary, Reality,

    You boys are on it eh?!?

  9. E A. you don’t believe my comment above. Then your living in a dream world!

  10. You don’t say what direction the lights were in, Brooksy, but Foxhall Stadium was hosting the 40th Spedeworth Unlimited Banger Championship of the World that night, complete with light show. The lights were visible from well out of town, so could be the explanation for what you saw.

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