Kennoway, Fife, Scotland-29th May 2009

Location of Sighting: Kennoway, Fife, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 29th May 2009
Time: 10.45pm
Witness Name: Garry

Witness Statement: Large bright orange/red ball travelling very fast across the sky east to west. No noise although it seemed to be quite near. Not usual flight path and the whole ball seemed to glow like a fireball. This was repeated about 50 mins later following the same path.5 people in our house went outside and witnessed the spectacle. None of us had ever seen anything like it in our life. The object seemed to be travelling very very fast.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Yip, saw it…and it was amazing!! I was at the train station in Bishopbrigs and it caught my eye. Recorded the time and it was exactly 23.23 when I saw it. Started off quite big, looked like a burning plane at first. Everyone in Bishopbriggs seamed to notice it pointing and looking up. Couldnt hear any noise either, but it was close enough to look like I should have heard something. I missed the first one but tonight if its still clear I think I will sit outside and watch for something. Was really cool and im so glad someone else saw it. So what exactly was it?x

  2. saw 2 bright orange flickering lights flying very high heading northwest over Kelty ,Fife at 22:30 on Saturday 30th May 2009. Lasted 5 minutes before faiding away. There was no noise but smell of kerosene in the air 15 minutes later. clear sky and still light lookig north.

  3. my husband,myself, our son and two friends were camping near calander on Saturday 30th May and around 11:30 t midnight there was what we thought was a satellite moving across the sky until we realised it was moving way to fast. it crossed the sky but before it went out of sight it suddenly glowed very bright. We very baffled at not knowing what it was. As we begun to change the subject my partner shouted out here its coming back. It came back the way from which it came along the exct same path and came to a stop just above the casiopia constellation (looks like a big W) then after a few minutes just disappear, it didnt move away it just disappeared. It was the topic of our conversation for the next 2 hours before we retired to bed. Has anyone found out more info about it???

  4. Hi,
    My name is Mark Roberts from the Scottish UFO Research Association. I work alongside UK-UFO to investigate Scottish UFO sightins. Please contact me to allow further investigation of this important sighting on
    Hope to hear from you soon

  5. Melanie MacDonald

    I was coming home after grocery shopping in leven Fife at aroung 9.20pm on the evening of Saturday 03/04/2010. I drove from Sainsburys heading towards Kennoway, when I looked in to the sky and saw an orange thing in the ske. I stopped my car and got out to have a look. My first thought e=was is a plane on fire in mid air, as I watched it it appeared to glow like it was on fire, it hovered and was an oblong shape. a few seconds later it moved a few hindred feet then stopped and the orange colour seemed to be less bright and you coulf see the sahpe then being triangular. After a few more seconds the orange shape then became brighter again and appeared to flash, it then just disappeared. The sky was very bright with stars with no cloudfs in sights. What a weird experience. I know there will be a simple answer to this.

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